Qubes-Whonix + Wireless (bluetooth or wifi) monitor

Hello to all.

I would like to use a wireless 13-15 inch touchscreen monitor connected either through bluetooth, wifi (or any other way I do not care as long as it works) to a Qubes-Whonix PC (mini-PC).

==> 90% of the time this monitor is for having in bed, on couch and travel (train/car) therefore wireless would be ideal but I could consider having to use a very flexible cable if necessary…
==> Security-wise: I am no hacker, no dark net, no journalist/whistleblower so no need to have the strongest level of security. I however discovered I had a sick eavesdropper on my computer for god knows how many months/years and also would like to be sure my “anonimity” remains strong on streaming websites for example !


  • is it possible with Qubes-Whonix ?
  • if yes is there any (complex) configuration needed ?
  • what should I look for when looking at wireless touchscreens specifications in order to make sure the monitor will work with Qubes-Whonix ?

This depends on Qubes only. If Qubes is functional, then there should be nothing specific to Qubes-Whonix. Therefore this belongs to Qubes support.

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