Qubes whonix on a cheap Lenovo pc

I’ve seen on Qubes-Whonix hardware specification page that to run properly it is required to have 16GB RAM, a SSD disk and a compatible processor.

I’d like to use a cheap under $100 Lenovo computer featuring an Intel i5-4570T, 1TB 7200 RPM HDD and 8GB DDR3, is it enough to run Qubes + Whonix (both Gateway and Workstation) to host a blog on Tor as an onion service?
Is it advisable (and cheaper) to run via home network or should I get a VPS? I am afraid most will not allow hidden services and full disk encryption may not be possible.
Thank you

You’re likely getting used machine for this price? Not recommended to use secondhand hardware for sensitive uses.

Always go for self hosting if you have a reliable connection with no quotas. VPS anonymous payment may be a headache, they can always shut you down if forced or get taken down.

I’ve found some local (buy via cash, in person) post-Christmas offers for new items, both the Lenovo and an Intel NUC nuc5cpyh with 8GB ram. However, none of such computers is listed as compatible in the Qubes page.
I admit the nuc would be a great choice as it is very small, low power and fanless, but the Intel Celeron N3050 looks quite unable to sustain two VMs running.
Server-wise I’m using nginx and PHP, trying to cache articles. To offload some work I can run the database on a second server but it would introduce lag since it will connect via Tor.

I have around 50Mb download 1Mb upload no quota always on connection.

Qubes hardware questions are better directed at Qubes. As per:

Once Qubes ready, will be Qubes-Whonix ready too.

Avoid anything Intel for security/privacy based on virtualization.

How would they know?

Depends …
Anyways, with a VPS the average provider could always see what you are doing.
You could use the NUC as the gateway PC.

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Stay away from Chinese OEM stuff too.

Can I use the NUC as both Gateway and Workstation?

I doubt Intel supports vtx on low end chips. Otherwise yes you could. Intel has terrible process isolation and not recommended.

Do you know any AMD-based mini pc like the NUCs?

For embedded form factors:


I don’t know the pricing or availability in your country.

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