Qubes virtualization question

Hey everyone, so I am trying to install qubes on my computer for the first time and I have been through documentation. When I try to install I get the error right after selecting language about virtualization. I have intel virtualization enabled in bios and still getting that error. What should I do?

You need to be more descriptive than “there is an error”. Say exactly what the error is.

Its the first error after selecting the language, it is listed here
qubes-os. org/doc/installation-guide

Unsupported hardware detected

It tells you exactly what’s wrong. Your hardware isn’t supported.

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Qubes installation issues aren’t Qubes-Whonix issues. As per:

Please use Qubes support:

Yes but I have it enabled in bios and still getting that error.

It doesn’t say anything is disabled in the bios.

It’s saying your hardware is not supported.

Qubes doesn’t work on all hardware.

I know but instructions are saying if you get that error to enable VT in bios, which I did and still getting this error.

So thats it? Cant use the OS and tahts all?

Yes because your PC is trash.

But if you want to debug or go for deep discussion please discuss this with Qubes not here as @Patrick referred you.

Not necessarily. Qubes/Xen needs serious hardware resource commitment for smooth performance. There are other Whonix flavors that can work for your situation liek VBox if you need a beginner friendly platform or KVM if you have Linux installed and want better performance and security.

Y’all need to chill and stop pointing fingers… or giving them.