Professional Support Idea

Continuing the discussion from Hidden service set up:

As Whonix gains in popularity and complexity (which Qubes arguably contributes to), you may be faced with increased requests.

Sounds problematic.

  1. Although we all trust you implicitly by using Whonix, code can be audited, your actions via remote-login much harder (or much less interest for 3rd parties to do so anyway).
  2. Setting up VNC is no picnic. You’ll spend half of your time getting VNC operational.

How about: Helpee proposes certain amount for payment. Then you write a custom guide tailored to their virtualizer, Whonix version, hardware, etc with step-by-step screenshots and if needed, support via IM or VOIP. Side benefit of this is that there is now a detailed walkthrough that can be added to wiki (with any identifying information redacted of course).

If you choose to decline a proposal, then Helpee posts proposal to Paid Support forum where anyone can bid on the project. If a deal is reached, a 3rd party site can provide escrow, such as or bountysource even. In exchange for payment, tutorial is written and posted to where it can be audited.

Legal liability?

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