Private messaging for members with common threads posts

Private messages are disabled on this forum. But improving efficiency and volume of communication between members could be greatly beneficial to the community and its largest common space is right here. Is it possible to set up private messaging so that only users that participate in the same threads with legitimate posts can message each other? That would probably satisfy +90% of the need for private messaging and eliminate nearly all abuse. For using other messaging channels you need to find public contact information which is mostly impossible. Also the contactee can never be sure it’s really the same person as on the forum. If the most active users fear being overwhelmed by private messages, they can exempt themselves. Maybe there can also be a time limit, but I’m not sure that would be so good. I’m aware resources are limited, this is just an idea I wanted to share.

I don’t know. This is a (stock?) Discourse forum. We’re likely not going to spend time developing a Discourse plug-in/add-on. Maybe one exists already?

Another consideration re: abuse is whether or not PMs contribute to legal liability per limitations on free speech in Whonix forums.

You can add email info along with PGP keys to your profile like:

Hash: SHA512

entr0py definitely wrote this on forums.whonix.org.



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If the most active users fear being overwhelmed by private messages

Not sure if non-issue…

If anyone uncomfortable to post their preferred way of off-forum contact
details for fear of being overwhelmed by private messages please speak
up here or in private.


Also the contactee can never be sure it’s really the same person as on the forum.

Not sure that is even required in a libre software project. Or even
possible. Quite a blurry threat model and defense against impersonation
of that sort.

As an aside how could Whonix be held responsible for private messages? No matter the content they are not public and not sent by Whonix. It’s like blaming your ISP for the spam you get. If message blocking was available users could avoid this problem easily. Is the concern related to the country where Whonix is based at the moment? Which country is it based in, where is the legal stuff declared?

(Hire and) ask a German lawyer.

Efficiency is achieved by having a low volume of high-quality information that’s public - so it can be documented and easily accessed by everyone (using multiple search engines). If you want a private conversation with someone, just ask.

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Try to imagine you were in my position. That helps.

Maybe asking this helps: Would you like to deanonymize yourself and take imprint responsibility for everything happening on whonix.org?

It’s not even clear which laws by which countries apply.

The case of Kim Dotcom is still confusing me.

Also nowadays: Your legal interpretation of the law may be the correct one. Yet, you have to spend years of uncertainty going through the court instances until you receive a ruling in your interest.

It’s quite likely that such a case could be won indeed. But until then, one could likely face a search warrant, resulting in the seizure of all electronic information devices, i.e. all computers, hard drives, mobile devices. This is standard procedure. Yes, you’ll get the devices back at some point. Perhaps in 5 to 10 years. Yes, you may also win a recompensation case, in perhaps 10-15 years. Investigative custody is also likely.

In such a slow and effectively broken judicial system I choose to reduce legal attack surface.

@Patrick just out of curiosity, how many legal webs have you had to mangle through? Your kind of predisposition towards legal safe grounds does not come from cautionary tales of other’s.

Patrick is very careful and does whats necessary to avoid “legal webs”. Very careful because of cautionary tails such as this…

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