Please update Whonix vbox guest addition modules

Hello. I am using Ubuntu Eoan as a host and Virtualbox repositories seems to be updated to version 6.0.16 but Whonix Virtualbox guest additions still have version 6.0.10 so I need to manually install Virtualbox version 6.0.10 (and install supported host linux kernel version for it), because I don’t want to update virtualbox guest additions inside Whonix (this is not secure to modify both gateway and workstations kernels). VirtualBox ended the development of 6.0.x branch so 6.0.16 is the latest stable version. Why do you still have 6.0.10 in guests (both gateway and workstation)?

In addition: if you have VirtualBox version 6.0.16 and Whonix version or then shared clipboard won’t work because guest additions modules both for gateway and workstation have version 6.0.10. But VirtualBox versions are updated every 2 month and I have a choise: don’t update VirtualBox from Ubuntu/Debian repositories at all or manually download GuestAdditions ISO and build guest addition kernel modules for both Whonix Gateway and Workstation. This is not secure, I think. That’s why a ask you to sync Whonix guest additions module version with host VirtualBox version. Thank you.

I am aware of the issue but there isn’t an easy fix.

The root cause of this issue:
Whonix ™ Virtualization Platforms

This situation might improve some point in future as per:
VirtualBox Guest Additions being upstreamed to Linux

Next (follow-up) issue: there are no VirtualBox 6.1 and VirtualBox 6.1 guest additions Debian packages for Debian buster. See:
Installing VirtualBox on Debian 10 / Debian buster / buster-backports / fasttrack - #6 by Patrick
And downloading from Debian sid and re-uploading to Whonix repository no longer possible due to dependency issues.

Compiling from source code also doesn’t work with my setup:

Whonix testers repository has VirtualBox and guest additions 6.0.14 but migrating packages to stable-proposed-packages and stable repositories is a slow process since the tool chain is underdeveloped. Help welcome. Some starters:

Hi helper,
I have (among others) an Ubuntu host, and recently upgraded to kernel 5.3.x. The Vbox version on host is the 6.0.16 (from website) and the Guest Additions in Whonix are 6.0.10.
I do not have an issue with shared clipboard. I can transfer from Whonix to host and back without issue.
I found it not necessary to build any Guest Additions module. Basically, just the Virtualbox package is what I downloaded.
For reference, I am using the most up to date Whonix build for Virtualbox.


[INFO] [whonixcheck] whonix_build_version:
[INFO] [whonixcheck] whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-cli: 14.7-1
[INFO] [whonixcheck] /etc/whonix_version: 15

For Whonix all updates installed.

VirtualBox 6.1.2

The clipboard share does not work from the host to the guest os. From guest to host work fine.

I have experienced the exact same behavior with the 6.1.x series.
which is why I decided to try the 6.0.1x and it worked well.
As an aside, I find that Vbox often has a lot of bugs and sometimes regressions when they have a major update release. In time, most bugs are worked out, but in the beginning weeks/months there can be some rough spots.

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Hi all. I have updated to version and it seems you Patric have updated vboxguest module to 6.1.2 version. It now works even with VirtualBox 6.1.4! That’s great but how would you sync vboxguest module in Whonix with VirtualBox releases? So, we need some Whonix repository to update vboxguest module. I’ve installed version through .ova file but it is not good way to update because it’s clean installation. How to update vboxguest Whonix modules without installing new Whonix version from .ova file? Is there some repository in Whonix? Thank you!

It’s done but takes time for packages to migrate to all Whonix repositories due to testing.

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