VirtualBox Guest Additions being upstreamed to Linux

I don’t know yet to what extend it is done and what may be missing. Anyone know more?

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Those links aren’t about virtualbox guest additions but the vboxguest module which is already enabled with CONFIG_VBOXGUEST.


I used the term VirtualBox Guest Additions as a superset and meant to include VirtualBox kernel modules. This is probably incorrect.

There are three packages:

Likely not all of this functionality can be merged into the Linux kernel indeed. So some of these packages contents will still be required most likely.

Just noticed a new issue during testing with kernel from backports where VirtualBox kernel modules would not compile with DKMS due to a bug. Such issues would hopefully no longer happen when this is merged in Linux upstream. At least the DKMS woes would be relieved.

Also very high on my wishlist is this issue to be fixed and VirtualBox back in Debian stable and Debian main. Hopefully not a pipedream. But also above looked just like a pipedream.

I’ve had uninstalled guest additions sudo apt purge virtualbox* in a VM with kernel from backports and mouse was no longer trapped inside VM. This is a huge improvement over earlier kernels. But copy/paste to host did not work for me yet.

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