Oracle Virtualbox (Windows 10) Whonix black screen on launch

I don’t seem to be able to boot up Whonix on Oracle Virtualbox running on a Windows 10 host machine ith 32GB RAM

I’ve assigned the machine with more than enough RAM, I’ve enabled VT-x in UEFI/BIOS so there’s no issue with virtualization or RAM. The installation and boot process seems to be simplicity itself and yet all I get when starting both Gateway and Workstation in the VM panel is a blackscreen with nothing (ZERO) on it.

Made all the more frustrating by the fact that I can open Whonix with no issues whatsoever on my Macbook pro. (No, I haven’t downloaded or installed the MacOS version of the installer on my Windows 10 machine.

I’ve seen a few threads here from people who’ve had similar problems but none of them have an actual fix. Maybe this thread will be the first.

Hi AsokeForex.

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Could you please answer the questions in this thread. Also there is a link to a black screen troubleshooting guide in post 7 of this thread. If you’re up for it.

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