OpenBazaar installation on KVM

Hello, so I have attempted to get open bazaar up and running inside whonix. I think this should be a package that is supported by this project, as it aligns perfectly with freedom, security, and privacy.

So when I get it installed, it takes up the whole screen. There is no way to get it to fit inside the screen.

I followed this tutorial https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@gousasin/how-to-install-and-use-openbazaar-2-anonymously-over-tor-inside-whonix-workstation

In that tutorial, they do some steps to get it to fit inside the screen for Virtualbox, however I am using KVM.

I see you have in the wiki zeronet setup, which I am going to try to setup next. Open Bazaar should be right up there with zeronet.

I’ve looked thru the entire guide and I don’t see this mentioned anywhere? Give these instructions a try to increase your display resolution:

A serious problem with this guide is it doesn’t show you how to verify the package before installing! Especially when money is involved this can be a huge risk.

Then you are welcome to contribute to our wiki or ask our wiki contributors if they are interested in adding instructions:

Also missing stream isolation?

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@sheep how do I check or enable stream isolation? is that what the onion grater profile is for? guess I have some reading in the wiki to do.

@hulahoop you are the man, you have posted informative responses to every question I have. thanks for pointing out that the tutorial I linked did not include a way to verify packages.

tails has GTKhash I believe, does whonix have something like this to make it easy, or is the preferred way to do it by the cli?

i got some learning to do, it may take me a few years to get enough knowledge but one of my personal goals is to contribute to this project, i think it is of the upmost importance. the only other projects comparable are tails and qubes, both of which require leaving your main OS, and for law abiding citizens who care about their privacy and data, that is a non-starter - its much better to just keep an open window in a kvm virtual machine.


userapp3 via Whonix Forum:

@sheep how do I check or enable stream isolation? is that what the onion grater profile is for? guess I have some reading in the wiki to do.

Different, stream isolation is unrelated to onion-grater.

Easily done with gpg on cli.

gpg -v somefile.sig

For checking hashes you use either sha512sum filename or sha256sum filelname and compare to the output in the hash digest files. Make sure the hash digests are themselves signed or else an attacker can provide a checksum for the compromised versions that both have nothing to do with what the original dev had provided.

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