onioncircuits - Viewing the status and circuits of Tor


Useful to install once Whonix has been ported to Debian stretch? Anyone likes to try install and test it using Whonix 13 and jessie-backports?


Nice, going to test this tomorrow and report back

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I use arm and find it more than enough. Onion Circuits can be an alternative GUI for Tor info on the Gateway. (None of this data should be available to the Workstation for security reasons)

From the boum.org screenshot, it looks like Onion Circuits not only shows you your current circuits but also which destination ip:ports are using each circuit. Is that possible with Arm? It would be nice to have this visual confirmation of stream isolation in effect. (Also on Qubes, Arm’s connection page always stops working at some point… no idea what that’s about.)


With arm yes you can. Simply use the arrow key to focus on the node of interest and press enter. It shows all the port numbers, fingerprint and node nickname.

Interesting. I haven’t run into something similar. Maybe you should report it to upstream. N.B. arm is getting rewritten/renamed into Nyx.

If I’m not mistaken, pressing enter on a node just shows information about the node but not which traffic is passing through the node. For example, tails.boum.org:443 in the screenshot.

Correct. arm doesn’t show this but its probably because its designed for system Tor rather than cooperating with TBB circuits. If you think its important enough, try filing a feature request with Damian - he’s open to new ideas.

The fact that arm works on gw in headless mode makes it more useful.

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I think that’s what this ticket is: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/5186 But it’s been open for 4 years…

Strange… After some time, the connections page is just blank (on Qubes). Works fine on physical GW and Vbox. Figured it wasn’t worth the effort to troubleshoot since Nyx was coming.


I am not sure if it is too late to ask the question since Whonix14 is coming really soon, but shall we support onioncircuits by default in Whonix14(probably in anon-gateway-packages-recommended )?

I slightly tested it with the current Whonix14 developer version, and it worked fine. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with. :slight_smile:

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It works with Tor control cookie file authentication, right?

Seems fairly easy. Sure, please add (pull request).



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I left the README.md unchanged because:

  1. It seems it should be generated by packaging-helper-script
  2. If we take a look at the content in README.md, it is kind of broken(some descriptions are unmatched with the packages, some depends are missing, it needs an extra newline to make lines look separate in Github Markdown).

I was trying to fix it manually, but maybe the right way is to fix packaging-helper-script.

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Absolutely correct. :slight_smile:

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