Obfuscated bridge / circumvention question

I hope this is the right place to ask this question; I’ve spent hours and am stuck.
I have edited /etc/tor/torrc to add obfuscated bridge (only one so far, since I’m not able to cut-n-paste from ubuntu host OS to Whonix-Gateway VM; not sure why VM won’t share host OS clipboard contents).
apt-get update fails, so I’m stuck and unable to proceed.
I can ping my host OS, so I’m on the local network, but I can’t successfully apt-get dist-upgrade, probably due to problems with my ISP (same problem doing apt-get update on HOST).

BTW, the reason I’m using obfs3 bridge is because it was necessary on my host OS in order to get full internet access, which surprises me. My only guess is that my installation of a TOR browser has somehow caused my ISP (or someone else upstream from them?) to block most of my internet access. Connections to google and a few others are quite fast, but most other sites hang until they timeout.
Has been going on for several days now …

Anyway (thanks for your patience), general comments are welcome, not sure where to go from here, other than to get a new ISP (comcast? NOOOO!)

Have you seen our documentation on bridges already? See:

Have you had the Tor Browser Bundle from torproject already? See: