No sound in whonix workstation

hello, i was going through an error which is “unreliable DMA position”, i changed the audio controller from ICH AC97 to soundblaster16 and the message stopped showing up, but i ended up with no audio in the whonix WS, the audio on the host is fine and working, but the workstation stopped any output sounds.

The issue started with “there’s a message which I don’t understand and don’t like, though there is no actual issue”.

Try upgrade VirtualBox.

The only option I see to resolve this is thinking in components, not products.


  • host operating system
  • virtualizer, VirtualBox
  • guest operating system
  • etc.


  • Linux distributions such as
  • Debian
  • Whonix

Linux distribution don’t have “product support”. A car producer doesn’t send you to the producer of the door of the car in case there’s an issue with the door. But if you want to get to the bottom of this, this is what needs to be done. More background on this:

Could you try please to resolve as per Free Support for Whonix ™?

Try to reproduce the issue in a Debian VM.
Not Whonix.
Does that work?

If not, you could also consider VirtualBox support. See what kind of information they will be asking for: • View topic - [Solved] auto-resize Guest Display stopped working in Linux

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