Nheko (Reborn) - Matrix Chat Client

The problem is original client is dead, but there is active fork.
Here on the fork
I would give a link but it is blocks from posting a link

I use and prefer Element. https://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/element
Why nheko?

History, context and usual conventions matter here.

Nheko was previously documented.


It was documented to have a client which can be used to connect to Whonix matrix chat. Availability in packages.debian.org is also a strong argument.

We now document Quaternion as a replacement for that purpose.

Instant Messenger Chat

We rarely document or install by default programs which aren’t available in packages.debian.org. Only if there is a strong rationale. Related:

It was previously documented + there is an up to date fork isn’t sufficient reason to document it. A stronger rationale is needed.