Nheko in chat wiki

The problem is original client is dead, but there is active fork.
Here on the fork
I would give a link but it is blocks from posting a link

I use and prefer Element. https://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/element
Why nheko?

History, context and usual conventions matter here.

Nheko was previously documented.



To connect to other Matrix users and/or our Telegram channel without dealing with Telegram Desktop, you can create an account on the privacytools.io [archive] home server for a more private experience (it doesn’t collect as much data about users as the matrix.org home server). The privacy issues are inherent in the synapse server side software itself, check this list [archive] for a full write-up. Besides federating with other Matrix instances, it supports bridging to IRC and Telegram channels.

Available on Debian:

sudo apt install nheko

It was documented to have a client which can be used to connect to Whonix matrix chat. Availability in packages.debian.org is also a strong argument.

We now document Quaternion as a replacement for that purpose.


We rarely document or install by default programs which aren’t available in packages.debian.org. Only if there is a strong rationale. Related:

It was previously documented + there is an up to date fork isn’t sufficient reason to document it. A stronger rationale is needed.

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