New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website?


Doesn’t look so bad for me. We can still change it later if desired. Yes, please go for it.


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Any references and unreadable files have been removed.

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I am not sure about the contents of http://egobits1.github.io/wiki/. Or the link to http://egobits1.github.io/wiki/. Perhaps the wiki button on the top should just redirect to https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Main_Page in meanwhile?


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First of all, yes, the Qubes-URL (or any outside URL for that matter) does work. “href” simply exists to reference to any source, either local or on another server.

Secondly, changed the “Wiki-Tab” on the top to link to our Mediawiki-Documentation. We may include something later. That was what I meant when I wrote whether there already exists some content for the “Quick-Start-Guide”. Since this is just for the transition, I also linke the VBox-Download-Sections to the Wiki.

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Fortasse will install the new website soonish. Probably next weekend.


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Exceptional news. Regarding translation and editing, I sadly had to setup everything independent of Github Pages. While it works to an extend on localhost, I still have problems getting it to run on my public server. Adding to that, the “language selector” (or rather drop-down menu) still doesn’t work properly on anything other then the lowest security setting when using the TBB which obviously isn’t an ideal state. So that needs to be addressed.

Either way, an important question would be whether we should use @torjunkie’s very thorough Quick-Start-Guide as a base or write something from the ground up: Whonix Quick-Start Guide v0.1 If the former should be the case, it could be integrated right away, still running in parallel to our “old” wiki.

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( My feedback to that quick start guide: Whonix Quick-Start Guide v0.1 )

I think it’s too verbose, very much so.


@Ego: We’ve cherry-picked a couple pages out of your repo (they’re live now! :D), but it seems like there are some placeholder / incomplete pages in the repo. Could you look at having the master branch be “complete,” and use a separate branch for doing testing? That would make it easier for us to see that there are important changes we may need to pull down.

It’s a great landing page, thanks for all your hard work.


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Sure, created a seperate branch and removed any references to my tests from the original one.

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Apologies I never cut down the v 0.1 version of the ‘Quick’ Start Guide for you. Been too busy.

I’ll look over what’s up on the new website page and revisit your feedback when I have a chance. There is value in editing the wiki too in various places.

splitting Whonix documentation into a short and long edition for better usability