New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website?


What is the status of this? @Ego

Can we get a minimal version deployed and do remaining chances later?


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Is possible to a degree. Since we don’t have any “short/optimized” documentation finished, that would need to be written beforehand, unless you really soely want to use this as a homepage and still continue to link to the wiki for everything while the transition is happening. If we had one, or you have already somewhat of a picture in regards to which parts we may copy, I could include those right away. Either way, just hard reseted (reverting wasn’t possible for some reason…) the repository to a stage at which most things should work (since Github really messed up certain things when I tried to apply certain changes while also uploading a 4GB sized project) so you may just fork/download the files and put them on your server. There are certain improvements which sadly aren’t/couldn’t be included in this version though.

The decision whether to use the “style” found at http://egobits1.github.io/wiki2/ or the one at http://egobits1.github.io/faq/ is still pending though.

Either way, you may find it here: https://github.com/EgoBits1/EgoBits1.github.io

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unless you really soely want to use this as a homepage and still continue to link to the wiki for everything while the transition is happening

Yes. Why not. :slight_smile: Step by step. Let’s try not to have one task block
another in deadlock.

Probably very much worth it since that alone already is a huge gain for
the Whonix project and might improve the impression new whonix.org visitors.


There is one blocker. We shouldn’t fetch racecourses from third party
servers without strong reason for privacy reasons.

Just saw this:

<link href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.5/css/bootstrap.min.css"

Could you include it in the code please? And check there are no other
similar instances?


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Well, it is possible to include the content of that .css file locally though as far as I am aware off, it isn’t really considered best practice to include “Bootstrap base files” and thus will harm the rating a site gets by Googles-Crawlers to some extend. If there are privacy concerns however, that is a strong reason to include it. Will thus make the necessary changes right away after my new Github-Server has finished updating. Should make reverting if I mess up the repository somewhat easier when it is seperate from my work devices…

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Just realized that I messed up two things in my mind. What you found there was part of some very old, already deprecated code which was there to test certain wiki functions. Has thus been removed.

What I wrote before however still applies to this line which may be found in every page I wrote for the same reasons mentioned above:

<link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:100' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Will thus remove/replace that as well.

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Yes, please let’s fetch that file locally. Have it on some location on
whonix.org server. (Using relative links to not break Whonix onion.)
That is better than fetching resources from third parties.


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Has been changed accordingly.

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One more external font. Can you remove it please?



How far are you implementing suggestions by @elioqoshi?

I find the fonts a bit difficult to read. Specifically at the very top and very bottom.

But if it is just my monitor or my eyes, it can stay as is.


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The font actually was a suggestion by him. If you recall, initially, I used a much thicker one. In regards to the wiki/faq, like mentioned, his recommendation have (to the best of my abilities) been implemented, though it still needs to be decided which style/appearance suits best.

Done. Forgot to include the font containers locally…

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What’s your best guess? I guess the first one http://egobits1.github.io/wiki2/. (If I remember right, we agreed earlier that a sidebar is acceptable for non-mobile pages.)


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Yes, Personally I feel like such a step-by-step approach is the best way to do things. As mentioned before, I feel like minimizing the amount of text a user sees at once makes what is there easier to handle.

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Yes. Reducing cognitive load. Sounds “plausible” (as discussed that workd some time ago) to me. Please go for it.

What about Thumbs.db? Can you remove please it if it is not required?



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Sorry, didn’t even notice that. Is a file Windows occasionally seems to create for some reason to handle preview icons. Has been removed. Also removed /wiki3 as it is a leftover from a testing phase.

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  • ./css/yQiAaD56cjx1AooMTSghGfY6323mHUZFJMgTvxaG2iE.woff2
  • ./css/0dTEPzkLWceF7z0koJaX1A.woff2

Cannot review those files. Any chance they exploit either our server or a client browser? Any way to compare them with official sources or with stuff that comes already preinstalled with Debian?

Also do those have a compatible license?


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The font recommended by @elioqoshi (Raleways) is sadly provided by Google in this very specific format. It is a font container formats (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Open_Font_Format) which can’t really be opened/checked though this shouldn’t be necessary since these cannot contain anything other than the specific design for a font according to their own standard. You could, if you wanted to, convert it to a TrueType-Format though all this would do would enable you to use it as a font in Word. Even then, you can’t look into these files as any texteditor will output gibberish. Only thing we could do here would be to completley pass on custom fonts like Raleways all together.

License wise, according to their own site we may “use them in any non-commercial or commercial project.” The specific license is apparently the so called “SIL Open Font License” which, asside from certain extensions only applying to those who modify a font, seems to be point for point identical to GPL.

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which can’t really be opened/checked though this shouldn’t be necessary since these cannot contain anything other than the specific design for a font according to their own standard.

IMHO if we can’t inspect it then its not a good choice.


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Like mentioned, files like these can be left out then, though if we do that and also don’t use any calls from outside sources, we won’t be able to use any outside fonts either.

For comparison sake:

With the recommended font:

My initial design which doesn’t need ouside sources or “shady” files:

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