New Qubes Website! New Whonix Website?


No special requirement. Just used these to communicate a possible concept.


https://forums.whonix.org/uploads/default/original/1X/16ab6c9ff8570a4f62fb95e645e031fdf5263590.JPG ) could be problematic with respect to trademarks. [Once bitten, twice shy. - https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/TPO_Trademark]

Yes, I most like the super minimal thing:


I’d say lets go with something minimal for now. Simple to implement. Simple to agree. We can keep the super minimal for a year or so. We will be reaching a specific group of people that is receptive to that kind of style.

One day it would still be great to move to the emotional images approach. [Will be fun for me to learn more about brains…] In theory, it would reach another group of people the minimal one would not reach. Which concept would be more efficient (measured in terms of smaller bounce rate, more downloads…) is probably difficult to say. We all have great intuitions but to find out what really works best for crowds is best figured out by running scientific experiments.

On emotions, I have read

It sounds plausible. But plausibility does not mean actual reality. Why should I believe it.

Something as trivial as “I was had a coffee at starbucks.” sounds plausible. No one would question it. (Specifically not such a trivial example.) Doesn’t mean it is what actually happened in reality.

So we need numbers, data, facts. :wink:

http://conversionxl.com/why-simple-websites-are-scientifically-better/ in summary says, it’s good to look like another website in the same category due to cognitive fluency effect humans judge websites more beautyful if it matches their expectations. Sounds “plausible” to me, due to the “laziness” of the brain (still in energy savings optimization mode nowadays).

Let’s please go for a white background for the first page… Because most successful software projects do use a bright design there.

I thought why not look at the most popular, successful projects in our category. I don’t mean so much anonymity software, because there are not so many of them, but software project pages generally. (Windows and Adobe are exceptions since hard selling and pre-installation [ads] etc. are involved.) I have had a hard time finding a list of most popular software generally. But chrome, vlc, avira antivir, skype should be good examples of bright, minimal websites of very popular, successful software projects. [Oh well, you could make a case against the chrome website by saying it was pushed bygoogle and you would be right.]

The chrome website is my favorite minimal one. They have nice big “somewhat centric” top navigation buttons and a lot white space.

Skype my second best minimal/emotional one.


Good day,

Is understandable, especially for me, the person who has time and time again preached that the world would set itself on fire if we just thought about using someone else’s intellectual property. However, whether this specific style can be/is trademarked is up for debate.

Was only an example anyway though for {insert nerdy reference here}.

Great, adding something after the fact would obviously be no problem.


About that… Well, let’s just say that because scientist are paid for interesting results and especially behaviour experiments are rather hard to replicate (and replication isn’t really that valued in the community as a whole), numbers often lie even more efficiently, thanks to “p-hacking”, etc. It’s possible to find statistical significance between the reproductive behaviour of birds and the likelihood for a change in government, more details here: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/about/director/2014/p-hacking.shtml

Other than that though, obviously trusting on “hard facts” is definitely the more efficient approach.

Great read, everything checks out. Based on a simple study with an adequate size of participants done by people who know what they do. This is definitely something to base a concept around.

I’d beg to differ there, familiarity doesn’t lead to an inherently lower power consumption on part of our brain, as it indicates that prior knowledge is being accessed in that moment. Seeing how this information thus had to be stored and keeping in mind the fact our brain works closest to RAM when comparing it to a computer, in the sense that a constant flow of electricity is necessary, otherwise the information is permanently lost, the contrary actually is the case, i.e. that what may seem like “laziness” actually needs a lot more energy. Learning/Experiencing something new is, very easily put, at least for our brain, less energy consuming than accessing old information which, for the time it was stored had to constantly be “fed” with energy. In that regard our brain is actually a incredibly efficient organ considering how little raw energy actually is necessary for it to work properly.

Sure, done.

Are definitely good examples and without wanting to brag, at least from my point of view this has already been a direction I went. The current version is somewhat of a combination between the elements used on the quoted sites, like having short bursts of text with images, a center download button, etc.

For me at least, that doesn’t make the website they created any less good of an example. Then again, I’m using that browser right now so…

Could go a bit more in that direction obviously. The reason why their navbar is more in the center though is simply that their whole page is more in the center, with images not on the site of text like at Skype, VLC and my test-page but rather under the text which makes the site more vertical while not stretching far to the sites. Is also possible, purely personal preference here, as quite a lot of pages, like the Skype example make more use of horizontal space.

Anyway, I’ll first have to clean the page so it isn’t overloaded with useless code and finally fix every CSS related scaling issue I created accidentally.

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Please make the KVM downloads more clear on the frontpage. The current layout is confusing to people who want to try it out. Hiding it to avoid embarrassing the Whonix family is starting to bring up questions like this:



Please make the KVM downloads more clear on the frontpage. The current layout is confusing to people who want to try it out. Hiding it to avoid embarrassing the Whonix family is starting to bring up questions like this:

KVM-Qemu & Whonix

A case where a user failed to put “whonix kvm” into a search engine
before asking a question.


Good point but I think you need to define who our user is and their skill level and take it into account when planning the redesign.


ura design does graphics and artwork for opensource projects on a pay what you want basis (meaning you can set it to zero). Seems they’ve done work for many large projects including Red Hat and Mozilla. They are worth a try:


Should we contact ura design? (design for your Open Source project)

I think this is defined above. In summary… Super simple. As simple as possible. For layman. And once you imagine that, go simpler.[quote=“HulaHoop, post:46, topic:1736, full:true”]
ura design does graphics and artwork for opensource projects on a pay what you want basis (meaning you can set it to zero). Seems they’ve done work for many large projects including Red Hat and Mozilla. They are worth a try:

Awesome! Didn’t know such a service exists. Should we discuss contacting them in this thread or make a separate one?


OK shouldn’t we cater for those whose skills are so simple that they don’t use a search engine to find the appropiate links?


A separate one is better.


definitely , If they dont charge too much I would be willing to contribute some “Fiat Paper” (Money) to that cause :wink:



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I’ve just created a small guide on the wiki on how to use Jekyll inside a Whonix Workstation. You may find it here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Working_on_Jekyll_inside_Whonix_Workstation
Will now finishing porting over my code to Jekyll. Shouldn’t take to long and make the whole thing editable.

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Please don’t use these strange links. These are likely a bug introduced in current mediawiki version. Please use https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Working_on_Jekyll_inside_Whonix_Workstation instead. (upper left -> page -> page)


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Ok, thank you, just edited that. Didn’t notice the URL was messed up.

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Just finished porting everything over to Jekyll. Took longer than anticipated and the mobile mode seems to not work without JS, which is why I had (and still have) to rewrite quite a lot of code.

Thanks to these changes, the site is now editable over prose.io and also uses Github pages as a hoster. You may find it here from now on: http://egobits1.github.io/ Furthermore, here a link to the porse page of it: http://prose.io/#EgoBits1/EgoBits1.github.io

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Good day,

Just wanted to add that while I will extend this prototype on my own, adding more and more elements and sites, I’d be grateful for any kind of input, both positive and negative, you may have. The aforementioned “showcasing” on the blog for more critique should be possible as well, now that I’ve been able to move to Jekyll as a base and Github for hosting.

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I was still waiting for the latest design conclusions being implemented. Most importantly switching to a bright design for the first impression.


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Right, somewhat lost focus there. Forgot the whole exchange completley while the whole “Jekyll implementation” was done.

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So, after having tried to simplify the basic design of my old concept for a bit, I’ve realized that getting my code into a Jekyll friendly form takes quite some time. Thus, I’ve decided to look into alternative templates/bases which could be used by us to base a new web presence on. My main requirements for such a new template were:

  • Must not be focused on blogging alone.
  • Has to have both a presentable and modern apparence.
  • Must be easily customizable and.
  • Must work when accessed via the TBB on the most strict security settings.
  • Public domain, GPL or MIT license.
  • No JavaScript except for mobile.

Now, the reason for choosing to not exclude JavaScript alltogether is that there is literally not a SINGLE template that solves its “mobile version” without JS. So, that will still have to be “patched” out by hand.

Keeping these six attributes in mind, I went on my journey to find a new template. In the end, the only template capable of meeting all requirements was this one: http://cirrus.cloudvent.net/

Now, looking at it, it is not that much more simple than my current design. So the question whether switching is viable would be appropriate.

Obviously, starting from zero would be possible as well (and probably not take as long as modifying the current design does).

In conclusion, I’d appreciate some input.

Have a nice day,



The requirements sound reasonable. The http://cirrus.cloudvent.net/ template looks like it could do everything we need. Which implementation path is best, I have no idea. Since you’re the one implementing it, I guess it is best if you go for some personal criteria. What looks most easiest, or most fun to implement, best maintainable long term.


FYI, current discussion on qubes-devel list re: qubes doc platform: https://groups.google.com/d/msgid/qubes-devel/c334d9cc-8060-442e-9136-b158f82d2c41%40googlegroups.com

Also, I have no idea what this relates to but a unified search (forum+docs) would be great :slight_smile: