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Good news!

Quote Tails - Updating your OpenPGP keyserver configuration

About keys.openpgp.org

OpenPGP keyservers are public repositories of OpenPGP public keys that applications use to discover the public keys of contacts.

In Tails 4.1 (December 2019), we changed the default GnuPG configuration to use https://keys.openpgp.org/, also available on http://zkaan2xfbuxia2wpf7ofnkbz6r5zdbbvxbunvp5g2iebopbfc4iqmbad.onion/, as the default OpenPGP keyserver.

  • keys.openpgp.org is more trustworthy than other OpenPGP public keyservers because it only references an OpenPGP public key after sending a confirmation email to each email address listed in the key.
  • keys.openpgp.org does not distribute third-party signatures, which are the signatures on a key that were made by some other key. Third-party signatures are the signatures used to create the OpenPGP Web of Trust.
  • keys.openpgp.org prevents OpenPGP certificate flooding attacks, which can make your OpenPGP keyring unusable and crash your computer.

To learn more about keys.openpgp.org, read their About and FAQ pages.

previous issue with the old, unmaintained SKS based keyserver network:

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