Need help with Bitmessage please

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firstly, im using whonix on virtualbox. Ive installed bitmessage and it runs just fine but i cant connect it. Ive read the stream isolation guide and configured the settings as sock5 with but it still doesnt work. The icon which shows my connection is still red on the right side.

Can just somebody give me an advise on this please?

It says on the console “socks5 connection error authentication required most likely” something like that. Do i need to set up the firewall on the getaway for this?

PS: Is there a good bitcoin calculator/tool which can be used in whonix?.

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to be honest, I’m not really sure I’ve understood you. So you’ve first done everything explained in here: Install Additional Software Safely and then this: Stream Isolation and it doesn’t work? Do the logs tell you anything? Furthermore, what do you mean by a “bitcoin calculator”? A mining calculator or a $ to BTC calculator? Because I don’t think the latter exists due to the complexity of calculating a real worth of bitcoins for a given point in time, since there are no federal banks involved in bitcoins for the most part. Your best bet would be to go to a few sites which show you an estimated worth, add those numbers up, divide them to get the arithmetic mean and use this as a reference. You could of course out source this to a script, though keep in mind, this is only as good as the sources you use and at any given point in time, these can fluctuate in an area of up to 2$…

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Hello iLovePGHP,

Did you fix the problem with the Bitmessage connection ?

My BitMessage doens’t connect to the network on Whonix 14. It did on Whonix- though…

Please find bellow some print screens :

Thank you for you help.

Edit : Any other members’s support is really welcome.

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Does Email Overview help?

13->14 introduced Whonix-Workstation firewall. Maybe that breaks it?

For debugging you could try to disable Whonix-Workstation firewall. For better security have only one Whonix-Workstation run at that time. Instructions:

Does it work without Whonix-Workstation firewall?



This issue is definitely not a Whonix 14 / Debian stretch issue. The current bitmessage stable (commit 95e300d) does not function with Debian.Tried everything I could think of but I never receive any log output which might be a clue? However, bitmessage ( Emergency release exploit mitigation on Feb 13) does work. This is the version Cottonwoodhill was referring to.

Obviously there was a commit(s) that broke bitmessage since Feb13. No one has reported this on and I’ve has no luck registering for an account to ask for support so next step would be open an issue on github.

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Dear 0brand,

If I can help here in anyway, please let me know. That would be a pleasure for me even if have a limited knowledge :blush:

I opened a thread on github to discuss the matter I was encountering a few days/weeks ago. Many developers of Bitmessage are aware about some issues that have to be fixed. Would you mind having a look here : Issue #1343 [closed]

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The issue with BitMessage has been fixed. The bug was introduced in a previous commit. Tested, no problems connecting in Whonix.



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