moderator rights / staff promotion #3

(Continuation of moderator rights / staff promotion #2 .)

Is there any existing Whonix staff that lacks and privileges?

Any existing Whonix supporters that could use a promotion?

Could use a few more forum moderators to merge duplicate form threads.

Please feel free to suggest anything here. I don’t think we have a existing guidelines for this process, perhaps that’s a good thing and makes it more dynamic.


I’d like to nominate @0brand for moderator status.

  • has been very helpful answering questions in forum
  • has made huge contributions to wiki
  • has been eager to learn since joining, and has learned much about Whonix and docs since then.

(@Patrick We all value transparency but does having this process in public discourage the voicing of negative opinions?)


I’'m not sure if this is open to everyone or just mods/admins?

I think @iry has made a huge impact since joining and is more deserving that anyone for a promotion IMHO.

iry always has a positive attitude and is willing to go out of the way to help whenever someone needs it. To say iry is enthusiastic about Whonix is an understatement and I want to guess everyone would agree with that.

I just came to the realization all I had to do was write:

@iry should be considered for moderator and everyone knows why

Thanks for your confidence entr0py!


Agree with entropy - @0brand is a significant contributor to the forums and wiki and is deserving of mod status.

Ditto @iry for significant coding and wiki efforts on bridges, anon-connection-wizard (if not a mod already?)


Agree with everything regarding @iry. Didn’t make that suggestion because being a mod isn’t exactly a reward - more like a job with zero benefits. :wink: But if iry wants the job, we’ll be better for it!


Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your affirmation! Those comments really mde my day!

As other people may have been experiencing, being a member within such a positive and supportive community has been really beneficial to my mental health and makes me a better person!

I will re-freshly and energetically come back to my favorite Whonix development on around May 21st. :wink:

I agree with you that being a mod also means more responsibility. I am willing to take the job so that I can help to move posts into a more proper section in the future. :slight_smile:



(@Patrick We all value transparency but does having this process in public discourage the voicing of negative opinions?)

Not sure. Was going to post in the staff forum but then the forum
reminded me the previous two rounds were in public so I continued the

Negative opinions are possible are welcome in staff forums or by e-mail.

im good to just handle the arabic section in the forum , which is until now i cant modify/update anything.


I just want to say thanks to everyone for having confidence in me. I believe – for lack of a better term – that a moderator is more of a “forum helper” than anything else. So I guess my plan is just to keep doing what I have been, and perhaps I will be able to offer a little more help than I was able to before (redact sensitive logs that were posted by unknowing users, move post around etc). But for the most part, I am glad I can help lessen the workload of the Devs and will continue helping in any way i can. :slight_smile: