missing Qubes Launcher start menu shortcuts

Hello Guys… I installed Whonix on Qubes but I can’t find “Privacy Browser” under “anon-whonix”. How do I install privacy browser or Tor under Whonix in Qubes?

What Qubes version?

What Whonix version?

Should be installed by default.

Is it listed under “add more shortcuts”?

Latest versions for both. There is nothing. Just add shortcuts

Are these listed under “add shortcuts”?

What is latest?

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u can find “iceweasel” if that what u want to find inside the “add shortcuts” , and also “Tor Browser Downloade (AnonDist)r” = both u can have TBB.

and if u mean TBB itself , the name of it “Tor Browser (AnonDist)”

im on QUbes 3.1rc upgraded manually + whonix 12

if u want to check further , add shortcut called “files” , then open it , then from the right side of the toolbar choose “view options” then tick “show hidden files” then try to find “.tb” inside the files (do these steps inside “Home” folder). then go to “tor-browser” folder then double click on “Tor Browser” <<< if dont have that then u need to download the TBB,

Can you help me to set up whonix in Qubes? I’m having a really hard time here. What exactly do I have to do after installing the Whonix gw and ws templates?

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the entire setup process is explained here: How-to: Install the Stable Version of Qubes-Whonix ™ 16 Or do you face a specific problem?

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Yes. I installed whonix as per the instructions but I didn’t see “Privacy Browser” under “anon-whonix”. I’ve reinstalled Qubes and I’m repeating the whole process again. Do I need to start the templates after installing before I can access it? I don’t understand the whole thing.

There is no shortcut [in non-technical terms] unfortunately. There is no
way to get rid of this issue any quicker. The question / answer debug
output gathering in the only way to possibly get to the bottom of this.

it is hard to tell where u r sticking , and i do know it is hard also to install qubes + whonix. and qubes doesnt give the opportunity of how to install things (screenshots) with an easy method. shifting 30 or 50 screenshots is really painful atm. so u either start discover things ursself by trying this and that or i dunno how to help in here. u can use plain debian + kvm + whonix atm and wait until i figure out how to easy things with installation of Whonix inside Qubes.

This problem maybe fixed by running “Update VM” on whonix-ws and whonix-gw template after installation.

If not, try these commands in dom0 terminal
qvm-start whonix-gw
qvm-sync-appmenus whonix-gw
qvm-start whonix-ws
qvm-sync-appmenus whonix-ws

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