mediawiki skins


Medaiwiki skin: some websites look professionally, yet based on mediawiki. Possible to do with a skin.

strapping is the mediawiki skin we are currently using for whonix.org mediawiki.

To get an idea what kind of customizations are doable…

default strapping skin:

customized strapping skin:

Perhaps there has been a fork of strapping. Perhaps the one who did the fork could modify and maintain the mediawiki skin changes for us.



https://www.ovirt.org still looks good. Is it still mediawiki based?


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No, it is based on Middleman now: https://middlemanapp.com/

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foundationskin looks promising. However only with javascript enabled. Perhaps fixable. Perhaps this provider could be engaged.

( https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Skin:Foundation )

Foundation is currently unavailable to download, but will be back by 28th February 2018 … watch this space!


Looks so good. Thank you!