Long Wiki Edits Thread



Sounds good.

Also sounds good. UpdateVM, UpdatesProxy and perhaps torification or any VM (the latter just missing links?).

Other reasons for re-install of TemplateVM:

  • upgrade to next stable version of Whonix
  • upgrade to testers-only version of Whonix
  • help testing testers-only version of Whonix (have clone of stable template)










{{DISPLAYTITLE:Design and Goals}}
|description=Whoniy Summary, what who is, Anonymity online through Tor, Security by Isolation, Based on Debian

Should this be?:

Whonix Summary: Whonix is; Anonymity online through Tor, Security by Isolation, Based on Debian

Correct punctuation? @torjunkie



Added this to Whonix Team page since you devote considerable time toward Whonix testing :+1:

OK with you?



Hi Patrick,

I didn’t want to make a new thread but could you please create the https://www.whonix.org/wiki/macOS page? I am happy to assist macOS users to the best of my ability and will start updating the macOS wiki as issues arise.



How to use Wiki Templates?

Hi ryjorny

Thats’ awesome! MacOS page has been created. You’ve been added as page maintainer if that s’ alright with you? You can start editing when you’re ready!


Appreciate that :blush:


sounds good. I skimmed through forum and phabricator and didn’t see any pending macos issues. Do you know of any I may have missed?


Hi ryjorny

No issues that i know of. BTW great start on that page.



I’ve been working on Qubes/Reinstall manual method

The advantage of this method is, that it also works with non-Fedora based Qubes dom0 UpdateVMs, i.e. also with Debian based Qubes dom0 UpdateVMs.

Since automated method can use a torified UpdateVM should we have a manual method? Everything is covered in automated method section - Salt, DVM template, uninstall templates etc. Its a lot simpler IMO. Less chance of mistakes.

Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe more advanced users with prefer manual?


If legally possible, I guess so…
Could you remove please Copyright: and License?

I don’t think Apple or Oracle have any copyright on that page just for mentioning them. Claiming they have copyright where they didn’t invent anything may even be illegal.

For most pages Whonix copyright / licensing is already sorted in the page footer.

Unless otherwise noted, the content of this page is copyrighted and licensed under the same Libre Software license as Whonix itself. (Why?)

The format of the macOS wiki was based on the Whonix Computer Security Introduction wiki page

I am not sure headlines are enough creativity copyright wise to be protected by copyright. The https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Computer_Security_Education says Whonix Computer Security Education wiki page Copyright (C) Amnesia <amnesia at boum dot org> but that page was rewritten / remixed so many times it’s hard to see what contents there still are by (C) Amnesia.

When creating https://www.whonix.org/wiki/MacOS I don’t think we need to give (C) Amnesia.


No, I don’t remember anything ever being reported.




Action reinstall means “reinstall exactly the same package”. It is not supposed to upgrade it. You probably meant --action=upgrade.


I am pretty sure in most cases we don’t want reinstall the very same version. What we want is:

  • reinstall very same version if no newer version is available
  • upgrade to newer version if available


Problem is --action=upgrade will not reinstall if already the latest version. So I am looking for some kind of combined command.


Documented this in https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Reinstall#Reinstall and opened:


There’s a saying. Who writes, sticks. Meaning the once who starts writing something will always have a huge influence in the end result even if everyone else is invited to make edits. Sometimes not good.

When we write documentation based on upstream such as https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/reinstall-template/ we should have that in mind and not necessarily copy non-ideal descriptions such as Automated Reinstallation Method and Manual Reinstallation Method. We don’t necessarily need both.

I could

have sworn --action=reinstall works only with Fedora based UpdateVM.

(But even if that was the case, that UpdateVM could use sys-whonix as its NetVM.)

Even if they did, as I grow older I stop trying make everyone happy. Someone, somewhere, will always find a reason to complain. To turn it around, having these extra instructions would actually blow up the page size and make it look more complicated, therefore offend laymen users. So either way not everyone will be happy. So let’s rather do one thing and do it well.