Long Wiki Edits Thread


Sure thing, I do it now. I just tried to mimic another page I don’t know much about copyright laws other than violating them is expensive.


There is my mistake. I was thinking reinstall because template is broken, misconfigured, compromised. Not upgrade to the latest template (point release etc.) At the beginning I was having a lot of trouble writing the page because I was trying to copy, use same format, terminology as Qubes reinstall page. For the most part we write Whonix documentation a little differently. It made for a lot of confusion.

--action=reinstall works with torified UpdateVM

But it looks like:

--action=upgrade only works with a Fedora base UpdateVM.

Including upgrade-to and downgrade

This is why Qubes has manual reinstall, which is really, uninstall the target template, then install newest template. We already have an Qubes Uninstall and Qubes Install wiki page. I should have realized that.

About --action=upgrade. You want short instruction to set a fedora based UpdateVM and use sys-whonix as NetVM for UpdateVM? Wouldn’t see why there would be an issue.

I’d also like to test --action=upgrade using torified UpdateVM to see if it works. Maybe? All my templates are latest point release. Might have to wait until next point release to test or try debian-8 upgrade-to debian-9.


For https://www.whonix.org/wiki/MacOS perhaps better mimick https://www.whonix.org/wiki/VirtualBox (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:VirtualBox), i.e. boxes, steps, stub steps, screenshots.




Not possible because one is named qubes-template-debian-8 and the other one qubes-template-debian-9. Therefore no an upgrade from technical perspective of dnf. It’s a different package.


Have this complete a little later on today.


Done! Please let me know if any changes need to be made.



Yes please - if you can check with later versions, we might have to change the order there for IMs if problems persist.


Maybe better (?):

Whonix Overview. Online Anonymity via Tor and Security by Isolation. Based on Debian.


I improved https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Reinstall#UpdateVM_Setting a bit. Made it less theoretic and more hands-on. While all information was correct, by reading the qubes-users mailing list I concluded that most users would be simply lost. Most users need hands-on instructions. Examples which they can simply copy. So I made creation of the a Fedora dom0-updatevm “mandatory” in documentation. (Doesn’t say “mandatory” but documentation assumes this step was done.)

It’s not perfect and doesn’t cover all wishes of everyone but much more straight forward for an already lengthy process. Of course, there could be a few users who don’t mind to --action=upgrade might like to avoid a Fedora based UpdateVM and use --action=reinstall and then update but documenting this would try to make everyone happy while making no one happy.

Text starting with If the dom0 UpdateVM is based on a template that is broken or no longer trusted is currently a footnote only and unfinished. Not sure how to combine it with what is said above.


Took that. :slight_smile:


https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Uninstall could use some testing. From a “maxmium Whonixified” situation (Whonix DVM, NetVM of other VMs, UpdatesProxy for TemplateVMs, dom0 UpdateVM, salt, i.e. all steps from Qubes/Install) to a “zero-Whonix” situation and https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Install.


I’ll work on that.


User “have a problem, can I got back to earlier version?” This could use a new FAQ why this is unsupported.

Going back to older (stable) versions is unsupported.

Why? See:
Is the Linux User Experience Comparable to Commercial Operating Systems?

Would be a waste of developer time if we supported that because older versions of other issues which would add overhead. So your only chance is to contribute by asking for support, help debugging issues and perhaps receiving workarounds and/or fixes.


Have this complete. Have my edits complete later on today.




The only real problem was with removal of the TemplateVMs. That being I was unable to remove 1 due to a Qubes specific issue that was resolved using these workaround.


I had recently repurposed a laptop for testing and had just installed Qubes. However, the installer failed to fully install whonix-gw template the first time around. On the second try I was left with 2 whonix-gw templateVMs. The first template was the one that i had the issue with.

Other than that everything went Ok. I didn’t touch the technical terminology because if figure it was written like that due to Qubes mailing list people complaining? I can try and simplify it if you’d like?

I’m also going to make a pull request for Qubes/doc/glossary



Not sure if they will go for its but worth trying. Any other glossary terms I can add?


Up next.



Electrum instructions have been updated

(new) Temlplate:Debian Codename Unstable

(new) Template:Install Unstable

Install software: Add Install from Debian Unstable

Switch from package electrum/buster to electrum/sid

Should any of the best practices from Debian Unstable wiki be mentioned in #Install from Debian Unstable?



Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Btw codename unstable codename sid is stable. Sounds strange. True story. :wink:

Not sure. A link for sure. Otherwise whatever is useful in context of our instructions as well too. Some things from https://wiki.debian.org/DebianUnstable#What_are_some_best_practices_for_testing.2Fsid_users.3F at first sight don’t apply since we don’t dist-upgrade from whole sid.

New entry https://www.whonix.org/wiki/FAQ#Non-Responsiveness_to_Concerns could use a (perhaps bold, dunno) revision. Whatever needed to make it sound comprehensible and reasonable.



Thank You! :slight_smile: :+1:

No problem.