How to use Wiki Templates?

Hi @Algernon

Not sure about where to read about templates. I’ve mostly learned by watching/doing. For the most part an admin would create a Template by typing the following into the wiki search bar:


next hit enter

Template name will be in red type above search results. click on that.

Next edit the template like you would a regular page. If multiple pages use the same info you would want to use the template for that common info. Once that is done you only add {{page title}} in the spot where you want it on the wiki page(s).

When you want to make changes to that info at a later date you only have to do it to the template. Not multiple pages.

If you know the name that you want the templates I can create them for you. Then you can edit away. :wink:

Also, if you have any more questions or I didn’t explain it will enough please let me know.


I guess I already failed at the first step because I don’t have admin rights. Maybe someone could change that ^^

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I already failed at the first step because I don’t have admin rights.

Hi Cindy993

Welcome to the community!

Algernon was with the Whonix project for a period of time before being granted admin privileges.

Are you trying to create a new template or edit an existing one?

Please give the name of the template and I can either unlock( existing template) or create a new one for you.

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