List of Hosting Providers That Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment

This is a list of hosting providers with whom you can pay using cryptocurrencies.

Note: I haven’t tested any of them. Please report any issues if they are encountered.

If you know of more providers, please write them down so that I can add them to the list.


Hello, Dear @nurmagoz

Alexhost doesn’t ask for real info (except if payment gateway asks for it, that is something we can’t control i.e Paypal)

Alexhost respects the privacy of the client and allow freedom of speech.
We accept crypto payments like Monero and many more! Can you add us to your list?

Thank you,

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Apologies for the delayed response. It’s a positive aspect, but I recommend enhancing and fortifying the DNS and TLS checks on your website. For example:

To have someone take your service seriously, you need to demonstrate it through actions, not just words.

It is preferable to have an onion entry for your website.

Added your website to the list.