Abolishing Third Party Hosting Services in wiki

Third Party Hosting Services

That page is out of date. Someone made an edit.

But the added service is offline.

Whonix priorities and and workload shifted. I don’t have time to maintain such a page anymore. Can’t verify claims being made, check they still apply, discuss and so forth.

Difficult to keep it up to date, fair, filtering self-advertisements and whatnot.

Long story short:
Unless someone else steps up to maintain that page, for fairness and freshness sake, all the individual services will be removed. Of course, the one maintaining that page cannot be someone who just cares about promoting its own offering.

Done, deprecated that page.

Deprecated the whole page.
Hosting Location Hidden Services - Whonix

The content was rather poor. Last version:
Hosting - Whonix

Page was redirect to and all site content was merged to: