Let's call it Freedom Software rather than Free Software or Open Source!

Since freeware is so popular and already contains free it seems futile by FSF and friends to keep on talking about Free Software. Capitalization, writing the first letters of Free and Software in capital letters, doesn’t help. From years long experience discussing the subject I can say that people don’t get Free Software since there’s already freeware. And free translates for most English second language speakers primarily to free in price, not free in freedom. Even native English speakers thing of price when they hear or see free related to software, not freedom.

Calling it Libre Software is an improvement over Free Software. However, even libre is a unpopular word which many English second language speakers don’t know. On the other hand, freedom is a much more popular and easy to understand word.

It’s pretty hard to make the case for a laymen why source code availability and other things covered by GPLv3 (patents, tivoization) matters. Whenever restrictions imposed by proprietary software or locked down devices surface, it’s good to point out that it’s due to lack of software freedoms.

Open Source is besides the point also [1] since source availablity doesn’t necessarily include the four essential software freedoms. [2]

Let’s call it Freedom Software rather than Free Software or Open Source.

[1] https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html
[2] https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

Its obvious from all the sites that have pages dedicated to explaining the difference between Free Software, freeware, Libre Software… that this is a very confusing issue for the large majority of people. Using Freedom Software would certainly eliminate most of the confusion surround Free Software or Open Source. Plus, using the term Freedom Software fits Whonix in every sense.

  • Whonix is free to use.
  • Whonix is freedom from censorship.
  • Whonix is freedom of choice.

I say lets do it! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if other projects followed suit and adopted this as well.

This should be put on the Whonix Home page! (we can say, you saw it here first!)



Freedom Software


Freedom Software

You get the point :wink:

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Agree with your sentiments 100%. Freedom indeed.

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