File location, where to place binary software such as electrum appimage?

prerequisite knowledge:

electrum not well maintained in, not in Debian buster, not in buster-backports, not even in sid. Even sid version is outdated.
Debian -- Package Search Results -- electrum

Therefore considering to ship electrum binary appimage in a yet to be invented Whonix package.

Name of that package binaries-freedom? (To keep room for other such cases?)

(freedom: Let's call it Freedom Software rather than Free Software or Open Source!)

(There could be in theory a package later created with name binaries-nonfreedom containing nonfree binaries but that wouldn’t be ever installed by default and a package in Whonix nonfree repository. No use case for that on the horizon.)

File location, where to place binary software such as electrum appimage?


  • /usr/bin/electrum

    • would require config-package-dev displace, thereby “stealing” it from perhaps future electrum Debian package upgrades;
    • otherwise would clash when user installs a deb package that installs electrum
    • perhaps the package that ships electrum appimage should have its debian/control file declare Conflicts: electrum?
  • /usr/local/bin/electrum

  • ~/bin/electrum

  • /etc/skel/bin/electrum

    • package upgrades would not result in upgraded version in ~/bin/electrum
  • /usr/games

    • weird name, could be historic cruft having this by default in PATH environment variable, might get deprecated

Basically asking, what is the most correct way to do something incorrect (breaking Debian policy of having source packages [in main] that include binaries).

install electrum bitcoin thin client by default?

current user documentation:

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Sounds good.

What about /opt ?

By upgraded version you mean one that you upgrade or and upgrade for Debian? This seems like the lesser evil of the options you mentioned.

Meant upgrade by Whonix package sources but applies to any since ~/bin always keeps precedence.

Not part of $PATH by default.