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LightDM or KDM is my choice.


Linux kernel - is a one giant security hole!
Linux is a just regular OS for server and not Security OS for Client.

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I’m sorry but there is so much wrong with that statement that I don’t know where to start.

Even if anything you just said would be true, why would an OS for servers (which host critical infrastructure for the web like root DNS, banking, software agents, etc) be less secure then one for “client”? That doesn’t make any sense. Severs would need MORE security in EVERY way, not less.

Also, why would the Linux kernel be a “security hole”? Do you know what it does? Do you know how it compares to the Windows NT kernel or the UNIX kernel?

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You do not understand what you’re talking.
Need to re-write Linux and linux-soft from scratch if you want secure Linux.

  1. Need to create from the outset a secure kernel and a secure soft.

  2. And developers of the Linux kernel and Linux’s software code, they are ordinary programmers, they are not in the field of computer security experts.

  3. Anyone now can embed a backdoor straight into the Linux kernel. Because open development and nobody knows anyone.
    The same situation with the software.
    The same situation with the packages and packagers.

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How do you know that? Why do you think that? How do you think you can do that?

The Linux kernel has over 15 million lines of code and has been created by top experts in pretty much every field and is being audited (checked for security issues) 24/7 by the top men in computer science.

Why would one rewrite 15 million lines of code instead of fixing the “issues” in the old one. Furthermore WHAT are the security problems you mean. Name examples.

No. NO! NO!!! If you’d know what you are talking about you’d know that’s wrong. The biggest contributor to the kernel are companies like Intel, Red Hat, IBM who fund their employees to work and improve the kernel as well as look for security issues constantly. Those three companies contributions already make up 23% of all changes/additions. The people these companies hire are highly trained and very well educated professionals who know more about the things they do then the people which call themselfes “security experts”.

See here for more:

Where do you get your “information” from? It’s all wrong.

Because contributions aren’t checked before entering the kernel by rigerous standards and again HIGHLY TRAINED AND PAID PROFESSIONALS WORKING FOR BIG COMPANIES WHO NEED THE KERNEL TO BE SAFE:

Furthermore, if “anyone” could “embed a backdoor straight into the Linux kernel” then tomorrow your Internet and bank account would stop working because those systems all need the kernel to be as safe as possible. If changes where that easy, people would’ve messed with it a long time ago already to make financial gain.

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Lana what is your choise for security?
Hardened Gentoo maybe?

(Hardened) Gentoo security:

Dev/Operating System - Whonix

Yep,thanks Patrick