kloak - Keystroke Anonymization Tool

Testers Wanted!

Quote kloak:

kloak is a privacy tool that makes keystroke biometrics less effective. This is accomplished by obfuscating the time intervals between key press and release events, which are typically used for identification. This project is experimental.

Non-Qubes-Whonix only!

( Qubes-Whonix is unfortunately unsupported due to the following Qubes issues.

Installation of kloak in Qubes Whonix (or in Qubes Debian templates)) would succeed but kloak would be dysfunctional.

Instructions for Whonix users:

Testers only!

Inside Whonix-Workstation.

1) Enabling Whonix testers repository required.
2) update your package lists and install kloak


sudo apt-get-update-plus install kloak

To check proper installation:

sudo systemctl status kloak

How to test:

Upstream provides try it out instructions. Note, that Train normal, i.e. training without kloak is discouraged for anonymity reasons.

You can test that kloak actually works by trying an online keystroke biometrics demo.

Instructions for Debian users:

Testers only!

In case you like to test kloak outside of Whonix… Install the kloak package as per:


More information.


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very great to have it implemented. but i test it out and it doesnt work inside whonix-workstation.

always as PASSWORD SOLUTION & ANYTEXT SOLUTION giving from 90s-80s readings mean its not working for some reason.

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sudo systemctl status kloak


Also probably depends how you train and test it.

  • train unkoak; test unkloak -> very high match
  • train unkoak; test kloak -> perhaps 80% match (shared with other kloak users, hopefully)
  • train kloak; test kloak -> same as above

This is potentially as confusing as panopticlick for similar reasons as explained here.

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Its active

yes probably, as it works out if you just little bit delay your typing time from word to word or from letter to letter.

So in conclusion i would say its working now but needs some training.

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Tried it. First test result with Train kloak; test kloak was 92%
Second go round with Train kloak; test kloak was 38%

I even notice delay between my keypresses and when they show on screen. Some usefulness. They also importantly let you know the limitations for kloak on the site.

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it’s completely locking text input in my vbox workstation. will explore further.

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Confirmed. Happened to me in a Whonix 14 KDE workstation. Couldn’t reproduce anywhere else. Apparently happens after boot when sdwdate reloads Whonix iptables firewalls rules. I don’t know how to add any debug options to kloak. Reported upstream:

An onscreen keyboard could help to debug this. (See https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Software#Onscreen_Keyboard)

Therefore won’t be installed by default in Whonix 15.

Another unrelated, much smaller bug:

Developer asked:
Did the exit combo (LShift+RShift+Esc) have any effect?

Please respond to https://github.com/vmonaco/kloak/issues/13.


Clarifications by the developer of kloak about interpretation of test results:


re-added for Whonix 15 as issues should be fixed

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