ISP is based on web login and I cant access website on gateway

My ISP is based on web login system. Everytime I need to access internet, I have to login to ISP’s website first. I tried with Firefox browser, but can’t access my ISP website.

Generally I use VMware with bridged connection to get live IP. Here I did the same in virtualbox, it is able to get live IP but I’m unable to access my ISP website in both gateway and workstation.

Thank you.

Giid day,

sorry, but could you explain that in more detail? Are you using a USB-modem? Also, are you sure that you are using an ISP and not just a WiFi provided by some third party?

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Why not just do this on the host?

Why would you need to do that from the gateway VM?

Don’t change any gateway settings. Neither required nor recommended.

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i think u need to check if ur ISP banning Tor connection in ur country which mean u need to have Tor bridges , or u r only opening the workstation and forgoing the gateway.

and in both cases u wont be able to enter any website or having any connection.

open the gateway , then the workstation , download the TBB , then view any website u want. if u couldnt do this , then check out bridges.

Hi Patrick,
May be I didn’t understand connection settings well.
So on whonix, the gateway will automatically get internet from my Host through NAT(I see NAT is default on gateway), is it ?

So it will be like Workstation > Gateway > Host(internet), right ?
Thank you.

Hi @nurmagoz,
No its not banned as I regularly use Tor on my Windows system.

good , then check what u r mistaking in whonix setup (dont change the default) or the virtualboox or …etc.


So on whonix, the gateway will automatically get internet from my Host through NAT(I see NAT is default on gateway), is it ?

Yes. Uses your host internet. Does not care at all how your host
internet works. As long as it works.

[ From the perspective of your ISP, it should not even be recognized,
that you are using a virtual machines (VMs).]

Don’t change any VirtualBox settings. Neither required. And recommended

If you live in an area censoring connections to the public Tor network,
you need to use Tor bridges.

Its working by host’s internet. But it seems tor is taking ages to download. Can I just download from the torproject website and install it on workstation ?

Don’t substitute meaning “Tor Browser” by writing “Tor”. Different
things. Causes confusion.

You can do this. As per:

But I don’t think it will be faster.

Tor Browser Essentials

Ok, I see the difference between Tor and Tor Browser now. So, Tor is setup in gateway, and I need to use Tor Browser in workstation.
Thank you very much for help.

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