redirected to stopforumspam.com - blocking Tor users

Continuing the discussion from ISP is based on web login and I cant access website on gateway:


I’ve come across another issue while trying to fix a different issue and I was directed to this site to cross=check the IP I was using with Whonix. I’ve tried accessing the site under different IPs randomly generated by whonix but the result was always the same. Here is the site I was directed to


What I would I like to know is how to circumvent this issue while keep my privacy.


Not much you can do. Any workaround will be non-ideal. If websites decide to block Tor users you can only try to friendly advocate to not block Tor.

It’s a Tor issue. Would happen with Tor Browser too. Not an issue introduced by Whonix. -> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

See also:

Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t aware sites could block tor specifically. Sorry, I posted the link to the filter.

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