Is there any reason that Tor in sys-whonix Qubes 4.1.2 / 4.2.0 RC4 is outdated?

Is there any reason why sys-whonix in Qubes 4.1.2 / 4.2.0 RC4 uses an older version of Tor and does not download a newer one when updating?

If you type

tor --version

in the sys-whonix terminal, you can see that Tor version is (release date 2023-01-12). There have been several releases since then - 2023-06-01 - 2023-07-12 - 2023-08-04 - 2023-08-23 - 2023-08-30 - 2023-09-18 - 2023-09-25

and the last is How does the fact of using an older version of Tor affect the security of the overall system?

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