Expired Cert?

When accessing / users will get a “Your connection is not secure” warning. The reason stated: The certificate expired on 05/19/2018 22:00.

Making a security exception is not possible and changing exit relay nor location helps.

Thought I would bring this up now before multiple new threads are created on the subject.

8 hours later and no response. they probably can’t access the website.

is it considered poor security practice to allow let’s encrypt certificates to auto-renew? with the drone or is this just an oversight.

i connected via http on the onion address.

Whonix has less resources than larger projects/companies such as Qubes, Debian Redhat etc. This means at any one time ther are numeous “high” priority tasks that need to be completed. In this circumstance in particular…

In short, this is now more of a burden on Whonix lead developer Patrick Schleizer. So at times it may take a little longer for these types of thing to be completed.

How can we help?

Contribute to the project in any way we can. If we can help out with the smaller tasks, Patrick will have more time to put his talents into the development of Whonix.

If anyone is interested in helping out:

Or just ask on any thread “how can I help?” and someone from the Whonix community will be happy to point you in the right direction.