How to block all non tor traffic

There’s a second computer to access the Clinet.
How do I completely block traffic bypassing sys-whonix? I don’t know much English, so I couldn’t find it myself, I read qubes and whonix documentation.
(I marked dom0 updates via tor during installation, prescribed “sudo systemctl restart qubes-whonix-torified-updates-proxy-check”, installed everything in Qube Manager except sys-firewall, sys-whonix, sys-net and Tamplate VM on sys-whonix,
Qubes global settings → Dom0 UpdateVM → sys-whonix
Qubes global settings → ClockV → sys-whonix
Qubes global settings → Default netVM → sys-whonix
Qubes global settings → Default template → fedora-30
Qubes global settings → Default DisposableVM Template → fedora-30-dvm
Maybe there are some guides to setting qubes to anonymity so that the browser can’t recognize my time zone (so that it is different on different AppVMs). And how to add a different language to the keyboard, again, so that it would be visible only on the AppVMs I need.
P.S. and so on are good at translating documentation, but can’t translate the forum (you can only see the navigation menu), is there any way to fix it?

See this: Update (TemplateVM, dom0) over Tor / torify all of Qubes traffic - #8 by Patrick

Qubes, not Whonix question.

Whonix timezone should not be changed, see:
Post-installation Security Advice

Copy / paste text there.

So, if I let all traffic through tor, then in principle we can not hide the fact of using qubes.
If I wanted to hide it, I would use custom builds of virtualbox (for example, antidetect 2.0). But now I don’t understand, do I have all traffic only through tor, or something through the clinet?

Google blocks accounts registered through tor browser.

This is understandable, but the other cubes (fedora, debian) show the same time zone as I indicated during installation. But I already figured out where to write.

Now I don’t quite understand if I have all the traffic through tor or not. If so, I can already anonymously register a Google account, and ask these questions in the forum qubes.

img: qubes-os[.]org/attachment/wiki/posts/admin-api.png
I will formulate a more specific question, as in the diagram above, to block all connections to sys-net except sys-whonix->sys-firewall->sys-net.

In the linked topic, I already described why this at the moment is impossible without further development work.

Google account is not required. This is documented here:
Help, support, mailing lists, and forum | Qubes OS

It’s already answered in linked thread.
Technical complexity is too high. I have doubts this can be resolved through translations tools.