Host OS for VB Whonix?

Hello. Question about host os for whonix. In my case, im need host os only like base for Whonix on VirtualBox. That is i start my laptop, start vpn on host os and start virtualbox, nothing more i do not do on host os, maybe 1-2 times open browser. So what os better for it, if i want maximum stable, but with pre-installed security feature? I looking parrot os, but not sure, that is not too overwhelmed? I don’t need pentesting software, but even if use “home” version, is it better if i will just use base debian or mint/ubuntu os? Also im need some feature like luks nuke, i heard that is pre-installed in kali. Now i use xubuntu, but get some bags and need reinstall. So i find for better solution. Also i know about qubes, but it is seems very difficult for me and not sure that is what i need.

And other case, just i don’t have any idea. Is it possible to make hide host os or hide workspace inside host os for hide soft like VB with whonix, any crypt soft and etc? For situation if i must show OS, so that there are no questions like “why do you need it, etc.” So in this case, os like parrot or kali not good idea, because this distrs can call some questions.

Thanks for reply, i understand that debian best choice for whonix, but what about parrot os? He based on debian and have some security pre-installed feature. Im not so skill linux user to customize just debian for security and etc.
Could you explain with your own words?
And also if you can, can you say something about 2nd part of my question about “hide”?

parrot os:

I can’t comment since I haven’t looked into it enough. Which security features does it have and would you benefit from these?



Something like at kicksecure features, better control app access and etc…

Can you explain about the qubes os? I cannot find the answer. Can I run VM in a qubes as a separate OS window, not as separate applications in windows of different colors? I found an article about “standaloneVM” with windows7, where i can see full VM window, with start and full os. Can i open same with Workstation whonix? And can i put Workstation files in separate crypto container? Like i doing now: start host os, open crypto container and run from it VirtualBox machine WS. Can i do same in QubesOS?

Now it confuses me that when using qubes, everything is on the same desktop and everything differs only in the colors of the windows, but I did not find if it is possible to just run the WS as a separate OS like in VB.

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