HELP: my workstation got DESTROYED. I need my btc wallet.dat

I am not able to power up my workstation or gateway in Virtualbox after I had increased the virtual size of them. I increased the virtual size of Workstation while the gateway was turned on, if its related. It says aborted in virtualbox with the following errors:

So you created a crypto wallet without a backup which you previously tested that could be successfully restored from the backup. Mistake number one.

Quote Recovery - Kicksecure chapter Hard Drive Recovery in Kicksecure wiki
(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.):

B) If a VM got unbootable due to hard drive issues:

Stop using the VM. This is because further use might add further damage.

  1. Create a full raw copy of the hard drive.
  2. Make a full 1:1 raw clone of the VM.
  3. Data recovery. Unspecific to Kicksecure ™.

Data recovery from a VM image is unspecific to Whonix. The normal data recovery process for a Debian installation in a VirtualBox vmdk image applies.

Needs to be resolved as per:

Making a clone and backup of what you have now before trying any recovery is “mandatory”. Your data loss if you don’t.

Quote VirtualBox Mount Disk Image in Whonix wiki:

unspecific to Whonix ™. Use vboximg-mount as per upstream documentation Chapter 5. Virtual Storage

This might work.

Also the following might work:
Kicksecure ™ in VirtualBox - Troubleshooting - Kicksecure ™ does not Start? chapter INCONSISTENCY BETWEEN GRAIN TABLE AND BACKUP GRAIN TABLE in Kicksecure wiki

Other options:

  • A) Hope somebody guides you though it here for free. Unfortunately highly unlikely.
  • B) Hope somebody guides you though it elsewhere. Unfortunately also highly unlikely.
  • C) Learn data recovery skills.
  • D) Hire a professional data recovery service.

Thank you. that “Incosistencey between Grain Table” is what is being shown when I hover over the storage property in VB.

You could also try to change the boot device for the VM. Boot the VM using a virtual (Debian) Live DVD (iso).

Actually after writing this I figured out this might not won’t work. Probably not going to get past vmkd corrupted error.

well, fuck XD

VirtualBox forums has various topics such as:

Also here:

So you need good search engine usage skills.

thnx, I was there too. I am so exhausted at this point. Been working 2-3 days with no sleep on this shit, and it lost me some good money haha. I’ll keep the vmdks in my system, but I will not touch them again for a while, after I taken some of day to day business.

Leaving this here if someone in the future has a solution: My Gateway was running, the Workstation turned off. then I added some space to the virtual disk of my workstation. Before that, my bitcoin core was already corrupted and monero gui had overfilled the space I guess.
The errors: invalid header and inconsistency with grain table and backup grain table.

Stay safe my dudes and thanks to my future helper