How to start with clean state after vmdk corruption?

What files do I need to delete and how can I start with a clean slate after both the vmdk got corrupted. I couldn’t recover them and I lost a lot of money. And now I want to give whonix another chance as I think that was Virtualbox specific and had nothing to do with whonix. THanks in advance

  1. Keep the broken vmdk file.
  2. Use VirtaulBox Export feature to create and additonal backup of the broken VM.

Why? You might either:

  • A) figure out how to perform data recovery at some point,
  • B) or the value of the inaccessible crypto currency might increase in a few years or decades and make it economically viable to engage a data recovery company.

You can do a factory reset.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Then re-install.

Thank you! Honestly I tried every method out there (mounting, 7zip) some shady af recovery software and none of them worked. Always the error vmdk is corrputed, like you asshole thats why I am using you XD.


Got an idea. Answering here:

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heading there thnx

One question: I deleted now the folder with the vms in the home directory (Virtualbox vms). Can I run the new whonix installer again which I had initially used? does it check if virtualbox exists or does the installer configure some fine grained stuff in the virtualbox?

Maybe it is best, since the installer already has installed the virtualbox obviusly, to just get the virtual machine files from

Or should I get rid of virtualbox as well, and download and run a fresh installer, as maybe there have been some configs for the network of the VB and I might have fucked them up in the recovery process

Edit: I saw in the script that it does check for virtualbox, but about my other concerns? :slight_smile:


Yes. See output of installer.

It “only” imports the VMs. It does not configure extra magic. It does not overwrite without adding extra options on the command line. See --help and its man page.

Installer covers all cases.