google calculated me across whonix


why you thonk that this is normal?) i go on .ru not on .ua


i type yandex.ru on tor browser but they redirect me on yandex.ua


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Because that is Yandex’s redirection when using an exit node to access the Russian version of their page. You have literally spent hours of everyones time here because of something that is expected and correct behaviour.

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i dont understand you. yandex.ru is the russian site. i go on yandex.ru whith like german ip, why they redirect me to UkRAINE searching… not on rus or german


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Because and I’ll say it again, THAT IS THE WAY THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS PAGE SET IT UP. This redirection has been coded by the provider of Yandex. Simple as that.

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but u dont redirecnig like you say, why? wht the different betwen my tor browser and yours

ps. dont get mad, im noob on this, just trying to understand.

“i stayed on russian version” that ur words


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As mentioned, I also get redirected to the Russian version of the TLD .ua. The .ua server is used but the site displayed is in Russian. Again, expected behaviour. Otherwise this would make no sense from a provider perspective.

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hm interesting… tnx to you


Despite others persist on using TOR instead of firefox, I should mention that considering any software which communicates to the network in some way, and running it on Whonix workstation must be enough for the user to be confident that the destination party which receives data from the aforementioned software cannot specify the source and the real IP address of the machine on which the software runs. No difference whether it be firefox or any other software. User mistakes or in general what we usually refer to as bad habits may counteract these privacy reinforcement measures but the source of the problem is not the browser itself. So let’s avoid guiding the users in a way they confuse for what reason Whonix has been developed in the first place and degrading it to the level of sole Tor Browser Bundle. Whonix workstation is by itself safe to use when anonymity is desired since it’s isolated from the regular network traffic of the host machine. This is the users who should understand not to do anything related to their real personal life such as logging in to the websites which already have their geographical or personal information recorded at their database. Tor browser is for worst case usage because it generally refrains from sending anything related to the past usage of the browser or in other words neither does it remember what the user did before nor it helps websites to remember. The other important issue in conventional browsers which Tor browser addresses, is that they make possible (even easy in some scenarios) for adversaries to link the the behavior of one user in different websites. With all the advantages using Tor Browser exhibits, we should still help everyone remember to what goal Whonix has been introduced initially.


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Please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Anonymity_vs_Pseudonymity

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Yes I have previously read it, maybe you misunderstood me but I said nothing that contradicts what is explained there.


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Yes, you actually did by stating:

That is objectively wrong as pseudonymity allows one to identify a source in a lot of situations.

You even go further by stating:

Again, if you read and understood what I linked to, you’d know that you actually contradict yourself here.


This isn’t correct either. During a session, cookies are usually stored. So, the TBB actually does “remember what the user did before” during a session. Keeping something over a session would be a problem and prevent users from being anonymous.

And that goal was? Right, to suplement things like the TBB. To give a better environment and added fail-safes for things like the TBB. The goal, and “we should still help everyone to remember” that, of Whonix was to suplement, not to replace.

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Again you did not get the point. Maybe I should have clarified my thoughts more to be easily understandable but unfortunately I’m too busy to extend every explanation I propose. In brief what I say is by preventing bad habits and by taking enough precautions the user is not limited to use TBB whenever he wants to surf websites. You think everybody who installs Whonix is going to provide themselves with fail safe measures while using Tor Browser Bundle? If this, you have not heard about hackers. Whonix workstation can and actually is used for many things one can do in his very operating system. The difference is that the network is anonymized through Tor network. This same goal can be attained by configuring a conventional Linux OS (Debian for example not whonix) to route all traffic through tor channel but in the case of having OS compromised its security, the identity of the user is also compromised. This is where virtualization comes handy; simulating a physical gap between the OS and the default router. Whonix isolates the OS that is used and needs its network activity to be anonymous from the entity that is providing the anonymity service (Gateway), effectively lowering the chance of getting user identity and location compromised after workstation’s possible security breach. That is all the purpose of using something like Whonix.

This isn’t correct either. During a session, cookies are usually stored.

I didn’t know I should explicitly assert that I am not talking about user sessions. This case is clear enough to explain what I mean and I don’t see a reason to be more specific and delve into the technical topics here. Thus an argument like this is actually useless to pursue though you can still disagree with me.

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First of all, that would only be valid if some of the things you wrote weren’t objectively wrong. Not just not properly fleshed out, but wrong. For example:

That, as explained before is simply wrong. No way of using Whonix, no matter by whom will make this right when using a browser whose fingerprint does not ensure anonymity by design. Even if you attempt to recreate the TBB, anonymity may not be achivable due to certain tracking techniques. And, if you don’t, you are never anonymous during normal internet and hidden web service usage.

Wait what? You do know what Whonix does? You do know Whonix is designed to fail safe, right? That is the point of Whonix. To fail safe. Why should one have to provide themselves with something that is part of the design?

I’m sorry but what does a local attack have to do with anonymity? And even if we talk about local attacks, using something other then the TBB for browsing would also make local (or as you’d call it hacking) tracking easier due to system specific traces not present when using the TBB.

Please read a thread before posting in it. Because you just said a lot, not having to do with this discussion. If you would read the thread, you’d know we are talking about BROWSER SPEFICIF ASPECTS of Whonix. What does this have to do with any usecase of Whonix not connected to browsing? Nothing. This thread has been covering browser based tracking before you started writing. Additionally, you have still not delivered a single explanation of who the TBB is would not be required to ensure anonymity in any situation in which a browser is required.

Again, since all the talk was about normal browsing up to your comment (specifically in regards to Yandex and Google), you shouldn’t be suprised if anyone reading your comment would soely attribute it to that topic.

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First of all, that would only be valid if some of the things you wrote weren’t objectively wrong

I for sure would rather be objectively wrong in your point of view than failing to understand a simple paragraph; making the writer repeat his sentences over and over again. Using insulting and judging someone’s knowledge without knowing him is the least to show a childish behavior.

you shouldn’t be suprised if anyone reading your comment would soely attribute it to that topic

The only thing that surprises me here is wondering in what way I should have explained more clearly than this? This argument lacks the fundamental requirements of a standard scientific discussion and you keep expressing your misunderstandings about what I said. You misunderstood what I mean by “If this, you have not heard about hackers” since I was not talking about to be attacked, be it local or remote, you misunderstood what I mean by saying “Whonix workstation is by itself safe to use when anonymity is desired”, you misunderstood … and finally I doubt that you have correctly understood a single word of what I’ve said.
So let’s just stop this discussion as it’s getting worse than useless.


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Odd, I never did that. Isn’t judging someone’s knowledge something like this:

Explain this one, single sentence you wrote in your previous post:

With this you imply (and you stated it more clearly in the post prior to that) that if the user was “prevented” from “bad habits” and took “precautions”, he’d stay as anonymous as when using the TBB.

This is NOT POSSIBLE. There are certain parts of a browser fingerprint that CANNOT be negated and PREVENT a user from being anonymous. What kind of precautions would make the simple fact of fingerprinting and pseudonimity go away?

Instead of calling my arguments “childish”, I’d like to hear the precautions you talk about.

The only thing that “surprises me here is wondering in what way I should have explained more clearly” that anonymity is known to not be achievable when using any browser other than the TBB.

Pseudonymity yes. Anonymity no. Because of the “herd immunity” provided by the amount of TBB user.

No matter what precautions you come up with, you cannot imitate that. If you can, you have found a solution to a problem no one in the Tor community has been able to find.

So again, if you could tell us these “precautions”, I’m sure you will be celebrated by everyone relying and advocating on anonymity, including myself.

Correct, as stating that there are precautions that negate the advantages of the TBB, then not delivering, really shows a lack of fundamental requirements for any discussion, scientific or otherwise.

What were you implying then? The statement “you have not heard about hackers” does imply an active attempt of system sabotage, i.e. hacking. What else could one mean when mentioning “hackers”. Because if you are simply talking about the initial, non primary meaning of “hacker”, i.e. someone who uses something outside of its initial parameters, that would fit even less when talking about using an Operating System which does not have any set parameters inside an average usecase.

You yourself said:

You yourself talked about surfing. Something only possible anonymously in conjunction with the TBB.

Again, if you could tell anyone the parameters you talked about before, the entire community would be very thankful. There wouldn’t and actually be a discussion if these parameters exist.

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