google calculated me across whonix

hallo all. funny thing, last month google starts reddirecting me on my real contru searcher, like i use google.de whith german ip but google reddirect me to my real google adress (like google.ru) funny but another search machines like yahoo do this too.

so my question how it this happents?i am just simply user, i use whonix 1 year allways updating it and dont touch anythink on it.
is it mac adress or whatever? tnx. i dont really care about it, but interesting how google can do this across
whonix. and on geo searching it calculating my capital of country.(not my real location, but wtf)

ps. on host i use original debian, i use virtualbox and whonix was downloaded on official website.

The following is just speculation. I’m just thinking out loud.

  1. Are you using russian (language) on the german google and maybe google.de is redirecting you to a google.ru server?

  2. Are you staying logged into your personal ( russian ) gmail account and using that browser tab to search on google.de. ?

Not likely as per whonix MAC address education

That would make me think that your just being redirected for some reason ( not being tracked) I’m not expert and like I said its just speculation.

but when i try to change country, geolocation google found my location in moskow (i live around ther btw). moskow is the capital of russia.

i use tor browser, i just tape google.com and i reddirecting on google.ru but wtf i have tor ip and clear history.

Can also happen when your Tor client happens to have chosen a German Tor
exit relay.

i hade many different ip countries, but reddirecting on mine))) do you know why rhis can happents? how they see me?:frowning:

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Perhaps you have set a fixed exit node?

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what is this meen?

strange, very strange. Tell me please the reasons why google can do this, or whonix have an unknown hole?

What other assumptions are my friends

You are the creators of the most advanced operating system anonymous. You must expect how it is possible

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First of all, please be a bit more patient. Posting continously the same thing will not get any one to reply faster.

Secondly, what I meant by that is that you should perhaps check you torrc set up, as well as simply try reloading the entire connection. Usually, there is no known way for any attacker, especially Google who would not profit from this, to bypass the entire Tor network.

Another explanation could be account correlation, though that goes into: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/DoNot#Never_Login_to_Accounts_Used_without_Tor

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What security settings are you using for your JS?

I can’t tell are you complaining ? If so maybe you should use more secure exit nodes ,

Are you using it on what OS system ? Maybe you prefer to use Tails system,

Anyway, your English language makes it all the more difficult , tell us what your exit node is , and what you’ve done to test, or troubleshoot in more detail, otherwise, pretty pointless for us to play the game of guessing…

my exit node is italy if i type google into the universal/URL box I actually get the netherlands ; when i type a search into i it dies with

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: 2a03:b0c

So, just use duckduckgo or startpage unless your wanting to know for the sake of personal knowledge …imho


Google normally can’t track you over TOR. Things you can try:

  1. In whonix and in the browser you claim is redirected to google.ru, go to www.iplocation.net and see where it shows your connection is originated from. This is the location of your exit node for the circuit assigned to this connection. By using other websites which show your public IP you can see possibly different IP addresses. And this is the same for Google.

  2. Go to https://check.torproject.org/ in that browser to verify you are correctly connected to TOR.

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i use whonix on debian 9.
for what i need tails? this is shit. im not an terrorist

i dont see my real ip on ever checking ip sites.(never)
allways just random tor ip.

guys can you test please for m e, use tor random ip and go on site like yandex.ru . will it reddirecting you somewhere or not?

Tails is a OS aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity and is similar to Whonix in many ways. It was not designed to be used by terrorists. For the most part I think you would find that many Whonix users are former Tails users (and maybe vise versa).

That means Whonix is doing what its supposed to do. :wink:

That does not happen to me. As @Patrick and @Ego mentioned it could have something to do with your exit node. If you have configured your torrc ( /etc/tor/torrc ) to only use Russian exit nodes that would be the reason why you are being redirected to Google.ru.

I also have a few questions.

  1. Are you using your host OS and Whonix at the same time ( i.e. surfing with your host browser and with Whonix Tor browser at the same time?)

  2. Are you using a VPN in Whonix Workstation?

  3. Are you using Tor browser to log into your Gmail account or any other account that has personal info like your geo location? @Ego provided you with a link that has good info on that.

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  1. i dont use host at all
  2. i use sometimes browser vpn, but there no russia ip
  3. i dont use tor for that, cut its useless. i cant use 95% sites on tor browser. so i use firefox but whith security plugins. and privacy settings

how i can theck exitnode?

You would have had to make a manual entry in your Tor browser configuration ( which is refered to as your torrc ) in order to set a specific node or country to exit from. If you would like to check your torrc run this command in a konsole.

cat /etc/tor/torrc

If your torrc was configured to exit a specific country or exit node you would see this in your torrc.

ExitNodes node,node

If your torrc was configured to exit out of a Russian exit node it would look like this.

ExitNodes RU

For German exit nodes.

ExitNodes DE

You can take a look at the Tor Project Tor-manual for configuration options.

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As I said use iplocation.net to see which country your exit nodes reside. If it keeps showing you only Russia then it’s normal that google redirects you to google.ru. In that case you should check your torrc file for possible manual exit node sets.

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I confirm this behavior!
I used latest Firefox in Whonix Workstation and after some time google.com start redirect me to my real located-country page. I used english language in settings.
Its looks very strange - I clear all cookies and try put localStorage.clear() into Firefox developer console that clear my local storage but google continue redirect me to real location page. Tor exit node was not set and exit IP’s were different.

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