google calculated me across whonix



I used latest Firefox

That’s a mistake. Use Tor Browser.

Its looks very strange - I clear all cookies

The days of clearing cookies are long over. There are more tracking
technologies than one can count. (references also on

  1. why i should use tor if u use the TOR OS SYSTEM. In tor you cant use 99% normal sites. and tor browser based on firefox, just more security settings. My basic firefox have all this settings too.
  2. and you dont know how? what the reson to use whonix then, mb just donooad tor browser and use it?)


ye, dats freaking me out. For what whonix then? for what this OS? if it cant isolate and protect…


you guys should find how they di this, and block that hole.


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No. Read this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tor_Browser#Anonymity_vs_Pseudonymity

Leak Prevention.

By you not using the Tor Browser Bundle. That would be what is the issue here.

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i run my sites on tor, and i have the same shit, just the same. clear original tor browser from whonix workstation and they calculated my country:( tor browser have a hole too then?


sorry guys, dont whant to say bad on your OS. just reporting my troubles, and how we see im not alone whith this issue


You are correct, you are not alone with this issue. @jeff75 confirmed that he is also using Firefox with Whonix workstation ( just like you are ) and he is having the same problem.

This means its not a Whonix issue. Like @Ego said, the issue is you are not using Tor Browser Bundle like you should be.

Everyone on the forum is trying to help you but its up to you weather you want to take the advice.


look at previous messege. i use tor browser. and the same.


read all massage before write.


I read your previous message

If using Fiirefox provides the same security but is much more user/site friendly why are you using Tor Browser with Whonix Workstation for your “tor sites”? Why not use Firefox for everything?? Just curious.

If Tor Browser Bundle has a “hole”, why you the only one reporting the issue? (@jeff75 is reporting the issue with Firefox not Tor Browser Bundle )


i dunno. maybe just big companies like google technology go so far, that they can calculating all users…


it reddirect me on another…(


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This is your testing methedology? Obviously that gives you the russian page, it is the russian TLD after all. It shouldn’t supprise you that a page ending with .ru is russian.

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it reddirect me on another country. did it reddirect you? or like only yandex.ru?


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As mentioned, I stayed on the Russian version of the page.

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and im not. that is the problem.


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So you aren’t being shown “https://yandex.ua/?nr=17360”? What instead?

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yes it redirecting on ua


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So it is doing as it should? Cause that is the version you request when typing in “yandex.ru”. Where is the problem then? If you ask for a Russian site, why are you supprised to get one?

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