Gateway problem


Everytime i start me gateway it comes up a box that says>

A package manager (such as apt-get) is currently running. Waiting for it to finish…
and some more stuff…

But it never finishes. It just loading and loading.

I try to go to konsole but no one of the shortcuts that it gave me is working.

I dont understand how to login as my user or change the password.

I tryed the konsolo help but dident understand.

Please help me out.

Someone else recently asked almost the same question. Therefore for my answer, please refer to the following:

Package manager stuck running whonixcheck won't work - #2 by Patrick

I tryed updating the VM, and even removing and installing gateway and workstation all over again but the message keep coming back.

The problem is that before, the gateway told me always when its time to update, but now never. It only shows this about the package manager that never loads.

im worried that my anonymity is in danger because of that?

Is it unsafe to surf in the workstation?

How do i get rid of this problem?

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