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Fully Secured PC Install

So I have been thinking, it would be really nice for less advanced users to have a 1 click install of kicksecure + whonix. When I initially found privacy tools, it was a difficult labyrinth of possibilities to navigate

I think it would be very valuable to have a one click ISO that a user could run to install kicksecure OS (with internet browser disabled) that spun up whonix.

Is there a reason this doesnt exist? Is there a reason this is a bad idea? This could be something I worked on after WATS is done, if folks decide it is valuable :thinking:

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Not really Kicksecure + Whonix. Even better. Whonix-Host. An all-Tor host operating system optimized for anonymity.

The build script already has parameter --target iso. Whonix-Host is planned.

Downside: Development has been slow. Getting distracted with other tasks. Not easy to make meaningful progress. And some difficult to resolve tasks. (BIOS boot + EFI boot + SecureBoot comparability)

Upside: Development has progressed far. Once there was a Whonix ISO Live that came with a graphical calamares installer. Either in ISO Live mode or after installation one could use both Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation.

As the next step, I would suggest to do something simpler. “Just only” a Kicksecure ISO (Live + Installert). Try to build it. See where it breaks. Collect the pieces and repair.

Once that’s done, Whonix-Host ISO development could continue.

Help very much welcome!

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Verifying signatures?

True, usability and security of installing any software not available by default in the base, is just difficult to make the user do all verification checks.

Kicksecure already has Patrick’s key, so installing Whonix from Kicksecure is easy. Installing Whonix or Kicksecure from another operating system is more difficult to automate.

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My question was about having a “1 click” out of the box whonix system with a secure host OS. The keys are irrelevant, but I like Patrick’s idea of having a whonix host.

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Until there’s an ISO, here’ something that would be useful additionally which might be easier to accomplish than an ISO / host operating system. That is, Whonix Installers.

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