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Whonix Linux Installer

Instructions on Kicksecure ™ for VirtualBox with Xfce are still too difficult for many non-technical users to follow. A Whonix Linux Installer is required to simplify the process. Here’s the development design plan:

Help with the implementation is welcome!

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Automating the installation seems a good first issue as it is literally the place where most users may give up if too difficult.

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I read the wiki page and I have some portable functions that can be used by the whonix installer:

  • option parsing

  • long opts

  • short opts

  • opt=arg

  • range possible arguments for each option

  • detect os

  • check if program is installed

  • handle installing packages

  • other utilities that are better read than explained

  • colors definition

Just try it and see what fits.

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Thanks, used that functions as helpers.

Commits are signed and published to remote git server at installer-dist.

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Correct link above, can’t edit above post.