Enigmail - The revocation certificate could not be created

I have problem with configuration Enigmail plugin in Thunderbird in the latest Whonix workstation.

When I click “Create Revocation Certificate” in “Key Creation” windows, I receive error message:

“The revocation certificate could not be created.”


how to fix this problem ?

Try doing this from gpg command line instead. Or kgpg the GUI program

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Hi elizabeth

Are you using Apparmor ? If so the Thunderbird profile may be interfering with revocation cert creation. This thread here may have info that can help if that is the problem.

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I deleted the apparmor profile (and reboot workstation) but this problem still occurs

HulaHoop, How create key manually ? and in which directory key should be saved ?

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Hi elizabeth

How create key manually ? and in which directory key should be saved

This question can be answered as per the “Free Support Principle”. Since creatng a GPG key is not Whonix specific, and is well documented, using your search engine should return desired results using keywords…

How do I create a GPG revocation certificate in ( Linux, Debian …etc etc )?

Where do I store my GPG revocation certificate?


Elizabeth see below - Chapter 4f - Encrypted email with Icedove (Thunderbird) and Enigmail (warning: 100 steps!)


Also see https://securityinabox.org/en/guide/thunderbird/linux/

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I have same problem as Elizabeth.
I found the solution but I’m too bad at Linux and can’t fix it. Can someone help me ?

I checked and I have gpg-agent runing in my Whonix WS, but I don’t know where I can check this settings OpenPGP/Preferences/Advanced “Use gpg-agent for passphrases”

I had no problems with that step using our own instructions here in Whonix 13 recently:


I wonder what’s different.

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Using same instructions and I get this error.
I use Whonix 14. It seems it’s easy to fix it, but you need to know Linux.
It’s need to change something in config cause GUI is updated now and don’t have option Use gpg-agent for passphrases
Seems I will be forced to move to Claws Mail, but I think there I can get same error.

try this, @elizabeth and @Qd_qd. open a terminal. then type

sudo apt-get install pinentry-qt

this appears to have fixed a number of anomalies involving gpg/engimal for thunderbird in whonix 14 for me so far, including the problem you experienced.