Don't see any of bridge IPs in arm page 2 (circuits)

Hi All,

Living under oppressive regime, same story.

I am connecting Whonix through bridges following the instructions mentioned in Bridges wiki and also tried finding answer as discussed in this thread.

While confirming I am following instructions mentioned in both the links above, my problem is when I move to page 2 of arm, I do not see any of the IPs of obfs4 bridges added in /etc/tor/torrc. and ~/user/.arm/torrc (both files have same config)

Questions are:

  1. Is this behavior normal/expected?

  2. Is there any other way in Gateway (if not in workstation) other than ( corridor ) to see something we are used to in TBB like on every webpage is shows (your PC > xyz bridge > tor circuits > target website). Although in one of the threads I read workstation is not supposed to see such details by design but this view was a real peace of mind so any similar option in Gateway will be really helpful.

Thank you.

Bridges are probably not connecting. Please check your Tor logs. See:

Tor - Whonix

This is not used at all in default Whonix setup.

Not with such a pretty gui interface. arm is best (sanely) available on the gateway rather than using Tor control protocol and using at the raw data.

Torbutton (in TBB) is a Tor Controller. By design, such Tor Controllers cannot help with leak testing.
For more technical reasoning, this footnote applies one to one, please have a look.
Control and Monitor Tor