Discourse bug report thread


We reconfigured our mail recently - I’ll look into it. @TNT_BOM_BOM Do you have an address I can use as a test? Email me from it if you have one available.

if u just mentioned that earlier , because i deleted mine.

I can confirm it’s not bouncing, can you check (or have the affected user(s) check) the spam box?

if u mean before , it wasnt also in the spam box. but if u mean now, i cant tell for sure.

i think we should wait if we going to have a new mailing issue or not.

thnx for ur help :rose:


I’ve confirmed Microsoft (hotmail / live) has us on a blocklist for some reason, so all our mail is getting bounced. I’m working on getting us delisted.


wonderful that we r on the blacklist from the mountain of spy Microsoft.

we should call it the whitest-list


We’re not on any public blacklists, so I’ve filled out their weird form to see if we can get unblocked.

No idea how long their review process takes.


Looks like we’re unblocked. Affected @live.* and @hotmail.* users, please try again to do password resets.

Sorry for the trouble. And maybe consider a different mail host :wink:


I’m reporting that it is finally possible for ms boxes to get the email when resetting the password. Thanks for solving that.
I’ve also aswered back to you fortasse via email to @whonix.org.


too bad we were on the whitest-list of the world (black-list of Microsoft) , now we r on the shameful list of the world because it is considered the whit-list of Microsoft.

can we go back to the original list when we get bored from this list? :blush:

(btw good job @fortasse)


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command doesnt show up correctly when i type it. ( try to type it ad c before and after `cat = very messy)


upstream soon.




Just now updated to the latest version. Because I wanted to report the following bug.


Another upstream bug report:


Looks like the latter is actually a mediawiki wiki-seo bug.