@TNT_BOOM_BOOM forum moderator discussion

why that im not a moderator anymore ? is this a bug or it wiped out witha discourse upgrade or someone loves me alot removed me from being a moderator without even mentioning the reasons?

@fortasse @Patrick

It was a bug to begin with. Discourse does not support sub forum
moderators yet.

And sub forum moderator has been made the only moderator status that
exists in discourse - the global moderator.

yeah i c , but i was moderator how did that changed ?

I removed it.

aaa why ? (u can shift the conversation to the email if u like).

Because you were not in the first place.

but this is the situation from over two months ago , and u knew this from the beginning that discourse doesnt has sub-forum moderator and i was a global moderator , so what happened or why now ?

im not really much upset with this , but what is really upsetting me = why did u do this without even telling me ?

Sorry. I didn’t know you even noticed or cared about this.

thats correct, i dont care if im a moderator or admin or …etc. im happy that u still knowing this.and like i said that is not what im upset with , but doing things to my account without explaining or telling me, its like u r saying “because im the owner i can do whatever i like without even tell” so i felt it as a disrespectful action to me. and i said to myself “man seems to be this is the end of road over here” but i know u dont do these kind of things because i know u.

so i dont know why u did this now (it had to have an explanation) , but i know u r busy at these days so just consider it like nothing have been said here.

i prefer u split this conversation because it is totally unrelated to the topic. and i think @fortasse going to say:- wtf r u ppl talking inside my topic.


btw i dont want to be global or universal moderator or taking any position , im not here for this.

just figure out a way for me to control the arabic section since no admin or moderator speak arabic.

also i would like to pin/unpin , close/open my topics there.

and any solution for me it will be a solution for any new foreign language section. Russian , Sanskrit …etc.

also i dont c that it needs any discussion over here as the topic is mentioning it.

lastly who is TNT_BOOM_BOOM , im TNT_BOM_BOM (hope u dont tell me that u mistaken with my name after all what we went through :expressionless:)

Good day,

category specific moderators have been planned since 2013, however never implemented. Will hopefully happen in march of this year, according to this, it’s on the roadmap: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-version-1-6/36402?u=jomaxro

Have a nice day,


2 months more to start working on it ,and let us say 2 months more to make it done. 4 months … i dont have problems but i hope i dont need the moderator privilege inside the arabic section.

because whonix is growing very fast even inside the arabic areas. so lets just hope that there will be no need for it.

i think they add this ability ? @Patrick can u check if u can make me moderator of the arabic section ?

Not implemented


but that topic was in 2015 , the implementation should be added already in august of this year

Good day,

Well, they said that this feature would be a bit too complex to integrate any time soon: https://meta.discourse.org/t/category-specific-moderators-phase-1-rfc/21900/49

Have a nice day,


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just now recognized that he removed it from the milestone of version 1.6 …

ok it seems im gonna wait for a decade to edit my topics inside the arabic section…

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