Default RAM setting for Workstation virtualbox

Workstation has a default of 768 RAM. This is fine for web browsing, but it seems low for everyday multitasking in a desktop (that’s what workstation is for, right?). You can’t go to the store today and buy a new laptop with less than 4GB. Even my one-task VMs get 1GB. I don’t know about you guys.

My worry is that new users (most of whom have the extra RAM) will multitask in workstation and wonder why Whonix is so slow. RAM is the first thing a machine needs for speed.

I like low system requirements, but Whonix has never targeted the low end at the expense of average, modern hardware. The default should assume the user has modern hardware. Users with special needs can change the default.

I propose an increase to the default RAM setting in the Whonix-Workstation OVA to 2GB.

I think most whonix users know how to change the RAM.
I have set it to ~512. Changed the desktop to fluxbox.
Newbie users will use the default KDE, so a widget that warns that you are running low on RAM could be useful for that users.

I think increasing it to 2 GB would also increase the number of support requests of users unable to start Whonix or users which experienced their host freezing / crashing. (Because they also do multi task on the host?)

There could perhaps be a whonixcheck test that looks how much free RAM there is and suggest to increase it and how if their host allows. Would that help?